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10 Ideas to Blow Your Event Out of The Park

Every year, we see sizzling ideas for events that’ll simply knock your socks off. And 2017 is no different – in fact, big things are already happening in the event planning industry.

With the bar already set high, here are TEN of the best ideas every event planner NY should try to up the ante.

Sport-Themed Events

If your products are associated with a sport – be it soccer, football, basketball, baseball and so forth, it’s worth organizing an all-out event themed after the game. An example that pops right into our minds is Jack Daniel’s House No. 7 NBA campaign that wowed everyone. The long-time sponsor of NBA took advantage of their relationship to come up with a fabulous basketball-themed event, complete with a make-believe dressing room.

Partner with a Local Salon

Again, we can borrow a leaf from Jack Daniel whiskey brand. They collaborated with a local barber shop to offer styling and haircut services at the event. It worked like a charm for them – why wouldn’t it work for your brand?

How Does a Pool Party Sound?

Believe it or not, hosting a themed pool party right after a trade show can be a terrific way to attract attention to your brand. Wine and Dine app tried one at the 16th South Beach Wine & Food Festival and it produced the right traction.

Add a Sense of Humor to your Demos

Exhibitors for Barilla pasta made a huge bang in South Beach Wine & Food Festival by simply turning and whatnot their sample pasta with an oversized spoon and fork. Though it was a small move, it made for a fantastic photo op for attendants.

Product Launches with Branded Items and a Little Humor

Netflix’s launch of Santa Clarita Diet was a huge deal because they handed out popcorn-filled bags that doubled as barf bags. For those who are a fan of the popular Netflix series, you’ll understand why a barf bag is quite appropriate. To have a branded and fun product in-hand at an event helps the guests really get into the theme. What an amazing idea for an event planner NY, right?

Product-Themed After-Party

Netflix the took the party to the Lombardi House, and made sure to keep the setting rolling for the after party. Amongst the themed party ideas was a protruding zombie leg to match the Santa Clarita Diet theme with activities to go along with the set-up like horse shoes.

VR Experience

Bud Light, another NBA sponsor, took their “Famous Among Friends” campaign to an exciting level with VR fan experience. Helping the fans place themselves within the environment virtually provides an enhanced experience for sure! Guests left the event feeling a more personalized connection than a typical fan would.

Product-Shaped Crystal Illumination

A 300000 crystal stage illumination at the Annual Academy Awards was most definitely a sight to reckon with. An event planner NY can put a little custom twist to the crystals to create that oomph that leaves people talking about it for months to come. Lighting can give an impactful first impression as guests walk into a room, which can easily set the tone for the remainder of the event. Make it glamorous wherever you can!

Ice-Carving with Company or Product Logo

The launch of “The Americans” at the DGA Theater saw the use of a vodka ice bar with the name of the show featured within the ice. So, branding doesn’t necessarily have to exist in the giveaway items only, you can find creative ways to incorporate it into the food or décor.

Multi-Dish and Dessert Buffet

An event planner NY can whisk away select attendees to a social buffet filled with all kinds of mouth-watering dishes and desserts. However, when it comes to one of the biggest nights in Hollywood you must go with an array of food that matches the list. The A List. Wolfgang Puck did just that at the Oscars Governors Ball where he presented over 50 dishes for the official after party. The famous Chef offered exciting and tasty menu options that left guests raving about the creativity in the presented options. I.E. Lobster corn dogs, taro root tacos, and parmesan funnel cakes to name a few.


Wrap-Up: An event planner NY should be able to think outside the box to create enough traction and pizzazz to the event. Above ideas are just but the tips of the iceberg but when you’ve run out of ideas to bring to the table, due diligence will surely bring on a new list of imaginative components to add flare to your next event.