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13 Company Party Themes for Inspiration

If you’re in charge of planning your company party, office party, or corporate event this year, you’re going to need some creative inspiration when it comes to themes. Today’s events are almost always centered around a pivotal theme, with designs, decor, swag, and activities. Without a theme, you’re just hosting another meeting, right? Make it fun and exciting, and curate a company event that everyone will remember and talk about for ages! Check out this full roster of incredible event themes and ideas!

1. Dog Days & Animal Lovers

Turn your office party into an animal-loving theme with adoptable pets, dog prizes, and petting zoos. You can also donate to the local shelter. Go even further by adopting a more exotic animal theme, transforming your company party into an African Safari or South American Jungle!

2. Decade Flashback

The 60s had the Beatles and hippies, the 70s had the disco, the 80s were known for big hair, and flannel and grunge dominated the 90s. Have event guests dress for their favorite decade and play all the best music from each generation.

3. Toga Company Party

Have attendees get creative with costumes, white sheets, and crowns of leaves. Serve up grapes and cheese and host an office-appropriate gladiator-style competition.

4. Pop Culture TV

Invite guests to come to your office party dressed as a favorite TV show character. Host contests for the best lookalike TV personalities and structure games, event designs, and entertainment around classic television shows.

5. Red, White, and Blue

Show your patriotic side with a corporate event celebrating Americana. This works for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and even Election Day! Backyard BBQ themes tie into these aesthetics well, too, with hot dogs and ribs, bobbing for apples, and sack races. 

6. Get Cookin’ at Your Company Party

Who’s got the best guacamole or chili recipe? Who makes the cheesiest mac and cheese? Have company employees bring their best dishes, and everyone gets to vote for their favorite. Or host cooking classes or cook-offs at your event and invite guests to get hands-on with preparing the party favors!

7. Company’s Got Talent

Turn your office party into the popular television show, prompting attendees to strut their talents in a contest. Maybe Jane in HR sings in the church choir, or Rob in IT can juggle. Make sure to offer stage-worthy prizes for the winners.

8. Mardi Gras

Even if your corporate event is off-season, Mardi Gras is a theme employees love to celebrate! Think fun masks to use for decorations and beaded necklaces or purple, gold, and green feather boas. Ask people to come dressed in Mardi Gras flair.

9. Derby Days Company Party

You don’t have to be in Kentucky to celebrate Kentucky Derby style. Host a Derby Days company party and invite all your attendees to wear elaborate hats and vibrant colors. And instead of horse racing, create other participatory races and games. Serve up mock Juleps and KY sweet tea for boosted aesthetics!

10. New York Sports Themes

New York City is known for all kinds of things, including iconic landmarks. But life here is also centered around sports. And your corporate event could be NYC sports themed, inviting all your employees to wear their favorite team gear. Organize some sports games for guests or host sports trivia contests.

11. Luck of the Irish

It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day to host a Luck ‘O the Irish office party! Invite guests to wear green. Coordinate scavenger hunts that lead to pots of “gold.” And serve up mouth-watering Irish fare, like corned beef or shepherd’s pie. 

12. Winter or Summer Hawaiian Luau

Donning a festive Hawaiian shirt is fun, no matter what season it is. Make your company party a beach lovin’ luau and decorate with palm trees and surf nostalgia. Have your caterers serve up chicken teriyaki and sweet upside-down pineapple cake. And make sure you have plenty of umbrellas for all those (virgin) piña coladas.

13. Company Party Under the Sea

Venture under the sea for your next corporate event and transform your venue into an underwater paradise. Design your tables and decor with seaweed, brilliant blue hues, and all the glitter. And be sure your menu is full of delicious seafood delectable morsels that complement the party theme. 

Get inspired when planning your next corporate event or office party with these brilliant themes! And to really make your celebration a success, bring in our team of event-planning experts at EMRG Media.