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2016 Tribeca Film Festival Recap

The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival was surely a razzle and dazzle type of event in NYC, complete with a setup that would impress any NYC event planner!  Just the 360-degree installation of “The Bomb” in Gotham Hall shook guests as they closed out the night with quite an “experience.” Here’s a Tribeca Film Festival Recap from an event planner’s point of view:

Tribeca Film Festival Themes

The project’s themes had a little of everything from A to Z, but the most stunning of them all was the closing theme, an avant-garde approach to a plea for nuclear disarmament. Projected on a 30 ft. screen which wrapped around the Gotham Hall atrium were scenes from the film “The Bomb.” The most impressive feature to this theme was the loud live music that was shaking everyone’s bones right before a simulated atomic blast was heard that gave everyone a bit of a jump. Talk about going out with a bang!

Tribeca Film Festival Food

Manhattan’s finest venues were packed with the Tribeca Film Festival’s guests pouring in at local NYC restaurants and bars to eat and drink. Here are some of the top restaurants in Tribeca that became hot spots for the 2016 TFF:

Aurora Soho

Cipriani Downtown

The Crosby Bar located at the Crosby St. Hotel

Da Claudio

Isola at the Mondrian Soho


Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

The Garage


Tribeca Film Festival 2016 winners stemmed from 74 short films, 102 features, and 38 storytelling projects. If you missed the glitz and glamour, you could check out some of these exclusive photos to get a glimpse of all of the celebrities who visited the New York portrait studio.