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5 Ways to Make Your Upcoming Party Instagram-Worthy

How you measure the success of your event will involve a host of different metrics. But one tell-tale sign that your New York conference, trade show, bat/bat mitzvah, or celebration is a winner is its Instagram following. Here are the brilliant ways to make any upcoming party an Insta-worthy event!

1. Brilliant Event Themes and Decor

If there’s one thing everyone, and we mean everyone, loves to take pictures of, it’s beautiful scenery. Pretty things, elegant centerpieces, and dazzling event decor can all inspire party guests to take more pictures. And when people capture stunning images with their mobile devices, they immediately share those beautiful pics on their social media channels. As an event planner, you can create your venue space, lighting, and decoratives with stunning images in mind. Whatever wows your guests will surely become Insta-worthy.

2. Insta-Worthy Catering

Next to beautiful things, people also love to share what they’re eating online. When you determine the event menu, talk with the catering partners about displays and presentation elements, too. Yes, you’ll need mouth-watering fare and top-notch services. But when those plates, main courses, fine wines, and desserts also look incredible, they’ll make it into the Instagram feed.

3. Energy-Infusing Music

Instagram is a great platform for sharing all the fun things you’re doing. So as an event planner, make sure every element of fun is also infused into your celebration. The more fun people have, the more willing they are to share their experiences. And nothing gets the crowd pumping quite like heart-thumping music and dance floor action. Collaborate with your live band or professional DJ to make sure everyone is guaranteed to have an Insta-worthy blast.

4. Selfie Stardom Opportunities

Another way to make sure your event guests are comfortable taking photos and sharing their experiences online is by having plenty of selfie stardom opportunities on the ready. Celebrity appearances, selfie stations, and prop photo booths all encourage guests to get creative with their selfies. If you build selfie opportunities, selfies will come! Explore all the different ways, with your event entertainment, to inspire more “strike a pose” action.

5. Hashtag Strategies

Don’t forget the hashtag strategy! Even today’s most casual backyard weddings have associated hashtags. And it’s the hashtag creativity that will drive tons of guest interactions online. So, regardless of the event type you’re responsible for planning, make sure you have a smart, witty, or memorable hashtag to go with it. Educate your guests, too, before, during, and after the event so they know you want them to share their experiences online.

So, if you want to make your upcoming party an Insta-worthy event to remember, keep these insights in mind! And for the ultimate event experience, let the EMRG Media team take your New York celebration to the absolute next level!