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6 Methods for Making Your NY Events Stress-Free

When your manager comes over and tells you that you’re in charge of planning the next big corporate event, do you get excited? Even those who love to coordinate festivities will admit that with that excitement also comes a slice of anxiety. And as you dive into the corporate event planning details, all those “what ifs” creep into view that lead to hassles, hiccups, and worse. Event planning is tedious, and it can be hectic. But if you follow these methods, you’ll find that tackling company parties, team-building events, and product launches can be entirely stress-free! (P.S. Number 6 is a game-changer!)

1. Start Corporate Event Planning Early

One way to stave off stressful event planning situations is to avoid crunched timelines. Give yourself enough breathing room with planning efforts by starting well in advance of your corporate event date. Set timeline goals for yourself to have certain event elements crossed off your list, providing enough time in between to make changes or adjust to conflicts.

2. Keep Event Checklists for Stress-Free Events

Create a slew of checklists for yourself. Yes, one big corporate event checklist of to-dos is essential. But then break that list down into timeframes and segments to make them more manageable. For example, created a “to-do now” and “to-do later” set of lists, prioritizing the most important booking and event planning first. With smaller checklists in play, you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

3. Simplify the Guest List and Budget

There can be a lot of gray areas in planning a corporate event. You’ll have some creative freedom with event themes, designs, and even menu selections. But all those options can become stressful, too. So, be mindful to separate your tasks and simplify the hard-and-fast event details first. For example, establishing the guest list and setting the event budget are going to be more rigid decisions. And having those details addressed can bring fewer stress-inducing options and decisions.

4. Let Your Vendors Do What They Do Best

If you really want your New York event to be stress-free, then be willing to give up some control. Yes, you’re in charge of making this company event an overwhelming success. But you’re also hiring teams of professionals who are really good at what they do. So, let them do what they do best and remove worrying about audiovisual, catering, photo booths, and floral arrangements from your mind.

5. Always Have Plans B and C

Probably the most stressful events are those that encounter a problem without having a contingency plan in place. Don’t paint yourself into an event planning corner where your only option is to succeed or fail. Instead, create backup plans for the big details, like keynote speakers, NYC venues, and the weather. Plan ahead so that when/if something goes wrong, you’re ready to pivot directions without missing a beat.

6. Let EMRG Media Handle Everything

The key to stress-free events in New York City is EMRG Media. Here’s the thing… you could take on the pressures, hassles, and responsibilities of planning your company’s big corporate event. But why would you put yourself in a stressful situation when you could tap in NYC’s premier event planning team to help? EMRG Media has decades of experience curating brilliant and high-level events in New York City. And we’ve done it all, from charming cocktail parties and mitzvahs to extravagant industry conferences and company holiday parties. Share your ideas and event vision with our team, and we’ll handle everything else!

Take the stress out of planning your corporate events with these tips and, of course, EMRG Media.