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Anniversary Celebrations Are More Memorable When You Do These 5 Things

Whether it’s a 50th wedding anniversary or a 20-year work anniversary, celebrating with an anniversary party is a great way to commemorate the years of dedication and commitment. And if you’re in charge of planning an upcoming anniversary event, keep reading. EMRG Media is NYC’s trusted event planning partner, and we’re sharing all the insights and brilliant ideas you need to make your anniversary party memorable and fun! These elements are must-haves to always include in your party planning efforts.

1. Choose an Anniversary Party Theme that Everyone Will Love

Don’t just plan an anniversary party; curate a momentous occasion, complete with a party theme and coordinating designs! Choose themes that speak to your guests of honor and your crowd. And don’t be afraid to shy away from seasonally fun themes, too. 

2. Don’t Forget to Coordinate the Anniversary Party Slideshow

It’s an anniversary party, and no such celebration is complete with a blooper reel, memory lane video, or photo book slideshow. Guests love these, too, taking a peek back in time. Consider working with a top-notch professional videographer who can help you display these videos and trips down memory lane.

3. Be Choosy About Music and Entertainment

Don’t cut corners when it comes to entertainment for your anniversary event. Music is a central part of this celebration, so book a top-notch DJ service or live band. But don’t stop there. Consider layering other entertainment options, including photo booths, face-painting, comedians, dancers, or even entertaining mixologists behind the bar. 

4. Hire a Professional Photographer

Of all the outside vendors you’ll hire, including your catering partners and florists, don’t forget about the pro photog. While your anniversary event is commemorating the years of commitment, marriage, or work history, the photographer is how you’ll capture and commemorate the celebration. Make sure your anniversary party lives on forever, memorialized in video and images that everyone will cherish.

5. Partner with EMRG Media for Your Anniversary Party

If you really want to make your anniversary celebration memorable and one for the books, bring in the event planning pros at EMRG Media to take the reins. With decades of experience in NYC planning over-the-top and high-profile events, our team knows all the best strategies and event elements to include to make yours incredible! We’ll book the venue, wrangle the vendors, and help you creatively with the designs, themes, and aesthetics! Contact us about the anniversary you’re planning to celebrate, and let us handle the rest!