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Catering Ideas That Will Impress Your Client

Every year, event planning agencies NYC come up with fabulous new catering ideas for luncheons, meetings, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and so forth.

Here are the latest catering ideas to help you take your event or meeting to a whole new and exciting level. Read on; you will be glad you did.

Lobster Rolls

Popularized by Luke’s Lobster, one of the most popular events planning agencies in NYC, lobster rolls are now all the rage in catering, alongside crab rolls, chowders, shrimp rolls and so forth.

You can take it a step further and make them into appetizers for your guests by downsizing them into tiny rolls.

Vietnamese Sandwiches

It’s not every day that you find Vietnamese delicacies in catered events. Debuted by BonMi last year, these sandwiches are poised to set the tone in catering in 2017. The banh mi style sandwiches include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Kale Chips

Who could imagine that the leafy green would become a staple for most events planning agencies in NYC? That’s right! Kale is finding its once rightful place in catering menu, and the best part is that despite the healthy touch at an event, guests love the chips.

Soul Food

This Philadelphia native catering infusion is now taking event planning agencies in NYC by storm. A recent favorite in this type of cuisine are origami-wrapped fried chicken drumsticks. Yummy, huh?


You read that right – shellfish is now the “it” thing in catering, thanks to famed San Diego-based chefs Antonio Friscia and Brian Malarkey of Campine catering company. Cooked in a galvanized tub, the fresh shellfish is served on a bed of carrots, corn, potatoes and Old Bay sauces. Complete the dish with a craft beer.

Sugar Bubble

What’s a sugar bubble? A brainchild of the Toronto-based Executive Chef Domenic Chiaromonte, the sugar bubbles are round glasses coupled with chocolate mousse and fortune cookies. It’s tightly enclosed, so you’ll also give the guests a way to interact with this food choice because they’ll need a hammer to break it open.

Taps from Scratch

This nifty catering solution offers the Pub-Hub, an easy to carry refrigerated beer unit that can contains between two and four kinds of draft brews. Some have spaces for other beverages and glasses. Event planning agencies NYC and caterers can rent the units for three days at an affordable fee.

Chocolate Bonbons

This Orlando-style bonbon pyramid exhibits 84 coated chocos on all four sides. You can add a Lazy Susan to make it rotate; the kids will especially love the bonbon.

Mini Cupcakes

Cupcakes are great, but mini cupcakes take the whole event to a whole new and exhilarating level.

Moving Oyster Bar

Instead of fixed oyster bars, caters and event planning agencies NYC can now arm their servers with oyster-full buckets hanging from their waists. This way, they can shuck and serve oysters on the spot.

We hope that these catering ideas can transform your event into a sizzling crowd-pleaser. Remember, food can really make or break an event experience. Everyone comes to an event with the anticipation of having some good eats so it’s important that you put thought into your menu selection. Your goal is to satisfy guests in every event aspect possible, but especially with the food. Even the most bored guest will say they had a good time, simply because they loved the food.