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Corporate Event Catering: Menus Ideas and Snacking Favorites

Corporate events can be complicated to plan, especially if you’re trying to organize your first. And regardless of the event’s mission, whether it’s a team-building initiative or a product launch, there are certain elements that will remain importantly consistent. The corporate event catering menu will need to be carefully selected to meet the needs and preferences of your attendees. But it doesn’t mean those snacking options have to be bland or boring. Get inspired by some of these menu ideas for your corporate event.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Talk with your catering partner about serving stuffed mushrooms. This crowd-pleasing snack is a versatile option, considering you can stuff them with almost anything. From spinach and cream cheese flavors for your vegan or vegetarian guests to bacon or shrimp stuffed shrooms, find your best elegant snack! They’re perfect finger food options for any occasion.

Chicken Salad Cups

Another corporate event snack favorite includes chicken salad. And you don’t have to serve it in traditional sandwich form. Instead, change things up and serve cranberry and pecan chicken salad in dainty cups, eliminating the need to eat with your hands. Or try serving it on pitas, crackers, or toasted baguettes for a change of pace with this popular crowd snack. Chicken salad is a light yet filling snack option, great for corporate events with multiple breaks and breakout sessions.

Lobster Mac n’ Cheese Bites

If you need a savory snack that brings a bit of upscale class to your corporate event, consider serving the lobster mac ‘n cheese bites. These warm, delectable snacks are filling without being a full meal. And they’re great for all types of company-related gatherings. Talk to your caterer about a version of these perfect-touch snacks.

Sea Salt Kale Chips

Don’t just serve bowls of generic, more traditional chips. Instead, offer healthy chip alternatives, including sea salt kale chips. These tasty snacks satisfy those corporate meeting cravings without the guilt of munching on traditional crisps. Complement these fun chips with a variety of dip options, too.

Fruit Smoothies of All Varieties

Infuse your corporate event guests with healthy energy by serving up a variety of fresh fruit smoothies. A smoothie station might be just what your event needs as a way to offer healthy alternatives to traditional snacks. And the added bonus is that your guests will be focused and energized for the duration of your presentations, meetings, and keynote speakers. 

Get inspired with these fresh and favorite snack ideas for your upcoming corporate event. And when you need more help with marketing or event planning, let EMRG Media be your guide!