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Discover the Secrets to Planning the Perfect Office Party

If you’ve been tapped to plan your company’s upcoming New York office party, don’t panic. You have a lot of event planning ground to cover and to-do lists to make. It can be overwhelming, for sure. But we’ve put together a quick reference guide for you to follow. And we’re plugging in all the secrets you need to know to make this office party one for the books!

The Office Party Basics Cheat Sheet

Before diving into the secrets and office party planning tips you might not know, here’s the to-do list of basics. These planning elements are probably already on your radar. But it’s helpful to have a cheat sheet of quick reference suggestions so as not to overlook anything big.

  • Outline your office party budget.
  • Select an office party theme for designs and decor.
  • Choose a NYC venue.
  • Book your catering service and create your menu.
  • Bring in office party entertainment, including music and photo booths.
  • Create a plan for managing invitations, sending reminders, etc.

The Details Your Employees Won’t Forget

There is an awful lot that goes into planning the perfect office party. And while you might be persuaded to focus on big, elaborate event elements, remember that it’s the little things that your guests will remember most. Professional event planners know that attention to detail is what makes any event more engaging and memorable. So, consider the small aesthetics that can have a big impact. Think of activities or event ambiance ideas that are fun, personalized, and unique, too.

  • Signature Drinks & Cocktails
  • Temporary Tattoo Artists
  • Interactive Video & Photo Booths
  • Customized Menus
  • Personalized Table Settings
  • Fortune Tellers

Office Party Games 

Office parties are supposed to be fun. But they’re also supposed to encourage engagement and team-building among your employees. Bring in a little friendly competition to infuse fun and games. Get staff from various departments to join forces in a battle of the minds pop culture trivia contest against management. And get creative with your games, as well.

  • Sumo Wrestling Suits & Velcro Walls
  • Virtual Reality Activations
  • Escape Room & Scavenger Hunt Challenges
  • Pop Culture or Themed Trivia
  • Game Show Reenactment Games

Door Prizes and Office Party Swag

Don’t forget that every successful office party offers door prizes and party swag your event guests can take home with them. Some companies prefer to host drawings for big-ticket giveaways. But you can always make a big impression with small swag prizes, too. Any opportunity you have to “gift” your employees with something to commemorate the event, do it!

  • Company Swag
  • Themed Gift Baskets
  • Gift Cards & Gift Certificates
  • Tabletop Centerpieces
  • Electronics & Tech
  • Fine Wine & Spirits

As you start planning your office party, keep these suggestions in mind to make it perfect! But you don’t have to know all the secrets to event planning when you rely on the trusted professionals at EMRG Media to handle the planning. We can help you make a big impression, implement all the best planning secrets, and curate the perfect New York office party or corporate event every time!