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Event Trends for New York City Event Planners

Event Trends in NYC

New York City Event Planners are forced to keep innovative ideas in their bag of tricks because things are constantly evolving. It is rare for event trends to stay the same from one year to the next.. While staying above the times and knowing all that is popular and new is exhausting, it is also a crucial component in being a successful New York City Event Planner.  Worried? You shouldn’t be – if you’re struggling to know what the event trend for the upcoming year are, then read on…

Going Cashless at NYC Events

Cash payments are a thing of the past.  Credit cards and debit cards can easily replace cash – but smartphones and wristbands are an even easier method.  Popular now is the wristband.  Simply load up a certain amount of money, and have it marked off as time goes on in order to keep track of spending.  This allows attendees to stay in budget and feel relaxed about their purchases.

“Just in Case” Planning

An important trend for New York City Event Planners is well thought out security.  While it is positive to hope nothing can go wrong, it is better to be prepared.  In case of trouble during an event, security allows peace of mind.  Rather than having to worry about the safety of those in attendance, or having the guests feeling as though their safety is in question, have an organized, easily accessible security measure in place.

New York City Event Planners Love Live Streams

By providing a live stream of an event, a greater audience is able to reached.  Even if people are unable to physically attend an event, they are able to see the event. Yes, and that DOES include weddings!  A greater variety of people are reached, and from all over the globe.  Apps, such as Facebook and Snapchat, make live streaming easy.

Utilization of Smart Phones

The number of smartphone users is forever growing.  By taking advantage of event apps, it is easy to get public opinion – even when the event is colossal.  Apps can allow for polling and easy access to all of those in attendance. With event apps, users can check in, give their opinion, and find out information in real time.

Even using Twitter can be a simple tool to keep in touch with people in attendance.  Twitter allows information to be posted in real time, while also allowing polling, and media posting options.


With iBeacons, attendees can learn about the guests around them.  It can also be helpful for allowing those in charge of events to provide information to guests without needing to rely on paper products.  This allows an eco-friendlier way to keep the guests informed.  Not to mention, there will not be a big mess of paper to clean up once the event is over.

iBeacons are able to locate nearby Apple devices, to do this, Bluetooth technology is utilized.  Through this, guest can be alerted of information by getting notifications through the Bluetooth technology.  This is a major trend this year, and will continue to be used for all types of events.

How New York City Event Planners Find the Best Venues

One of the best things to do is find a venue in NYC that is new and different.  While this may seem obvious, the options available to find venues have expanded greatly.  Selecting a venue that best matches the tone of the event is a major key to success. Some New York City Event Planners find that using online services like EventUp are convenient when brainstorming new and diverse venues in NYC.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is an excellent way to be as inventive and creative as you want to be, as proven in a demonstrated by Concerto Live at their Inspiration Station. The presented a unique showcase that triggers multiple senses in their technologically advanced showcase aimed towards teaching you how to brand yourself at live events.

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