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How NYC Companies Are Tapping into Team-Building Events

As a company leader, department manager, or human resources professional, you’re always looking for new ways to boost your company culture. Today’s top talent and most valued employees won’t stick around if they don’t feel heard, recognize their valuable contributions, or struggle to connect with their teammates. What most companies, large and small, are tapping into now to reinforce these company culture improvements is with team-building events. Get inspired to create your own team-building events with these fun and effective ways others are using to create lasting connections and valuable relationships within their organizations.

Why Team-Building Events Are Important for Your Company

First, it’s important to recognize the value and benefits of hosting regular team-building events. Otherwise, without purpose or goals in mind, you’re just throwing a party. But team building is all about hosting an event that creates an atmosphere of collaboration and connection. Games, activities, and challenges are all effective ways to get your employees talking, sharing, and participating together. And when your staff can connect and problem-solve in a growth-centric way, you can expect to see the following company culture improvements. 

  • An inclusive sense of “whole” 
  • A unified team willing to collaborate
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Connection between departments
  • Connection between onsite and remote teams
  • Brand contribution and value

Team-Building Events Other Companies Love

With your team-building event goals in mind, you can start exploring all the fun and effective ways to host a team-building event. 

Company Retreats

Company retreats are off-site opportunities for employees and staff to hang out together. These get-togethers can be formal or informal, fun or learning-centric, social or collaborative. The idea, however, is that in an off-site environment, for a dedicated activity, people can step outside their typical work roles and responsibilities to connect with team members as regular people.

Team-Building Events with Escape Rooms

One of the most popular trends among team building events is the escape room. It’s an interactive, engaging, and problem-solving activity that employees love. One part competition, 99 parts collaboration, escape rooms, and escape room event activities are great for team building.

Trivia Contests

Looking to connect virtual team members digitally or prefer to create a less physical series of team-building activities? Get creative with trivia contests. Let your employees show off their incredible knowledge of sports, history, music, or pop culture with a fun and interactive trivia challenge.

Scavenger Hunts as Team-Building Events

New York City is the perfect backdrop for a team-building scavenger hunt! Work with area businesses, museums, or community centers to create fun and challenging team hunts throughout the city. And don’t forget to include impressive prizes for your scavenger hunt-winning teams.

Comedy Club Outings

Some team-building activities don’t have to be interactive. In fact, just a regularly scheduled team outing to local comedy clubs could be just the bonding your staff needs. No work. No contests. Just routine outings to be spectators together in an environment that makes everyone laugh can be what your company needs.

Office Yoga and Team Hikes

Many of today’s businesses are looking to boost their company culture and their employee wellness programs together. You can, too, when your team-building activity includes a staff yoga class or occasional hikes and walks. These outdoor activities are great for clearing the mind from workday stresses, and it inspires connection between participating employees.

Team-Building Events with Companywide Book Clubs

Some companies will look inward and sponsor various clubs or optional group get-togethers based on hobbies and interests. For example, you might consider implementing a companywide book club for those of your employees who enjoy reading. And if your participation is high, you can host an event with some local or celebrity authors to really reward your staff.

Field Trip Days to the Museum

Break free of the office cubicles for some team-building activities at the museum! Organize various field trips throughout the year to introduce your employees to museum festivals, special exhibits, or just educational tours. These trips can be great for employees to learn and mingle together outside of company responsibilities.

Let EMRG Media Curate Your Team-Building Events

In New York City, there’s one team of event planning professionals that businesses turn to for help with curating incredible team-building events. Now that you have some inspiration about hosting your own, call EMRG Media to handle every team-building event detail.