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How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Company Meeting or Corporate Event

When you’re planning your company’s next event, whether it’s a corporate meeting, product launch, or New York conference, you’ll have to create a detailed to-do list. You’ll need a venue and a caterer. You might be coordinating sponsors or other vendors. And while you’re sampling menus and organizing door prizes, don’t forget what could be the most important event element of all – the entertainment.

Even if your corporate event has a brand and work-related purpose, it’s an event. And that means there has to be some aspect of fun and excitement. Of course, not every company meeting is going to require a live band. But there are tons of other event entertainment options to consider. Get inspired by this list so you know how to choose the best-fit event entertainment.

Know Your Audience Preferences

Before you consider any kind of entertainment, you’ll need to consider your audience. Know the mission of the event, the company brand message, and the wants of those attending. If it’s an intense series of learning sessions, for example, you’ll want more relaxed entertainment in between sessions. If it’s a company holiday party, then event entertainment that inspires fun celebration is in order. Just remember that to be effective, you’ll need to first understand the nuances of your event and the preferences of your guests.

Choose Event Entertainment Factors That Support Your Brand

Be mindful to choose entertainment that aligns with and supports your brand. You’ll want to be consistent with every event’s aesthetic and engagement. For example, if you’re hosting an eco-friendly and sustainable conference, you probably don’t want to bring in the clowns making balloon animals. Alternatively, if your brand mission is specific to one of innovation, it would make sense to bring in technology-based entertainment options.

Event Entertainment Has to Be Entertaining

With all your corporate event planning details to manage, it’s important to incorporate fun with the entertainment you choose. It’s supposed to be exciting, or even thrilling, like a celebrity guest speaker or a high-profile musician. And while it’s a good idea to book the photo booth, don’t stop there. Bring in other performers or talent to spice up the atmosphere and the energy of your conference.

Event Entertainment Is More Than Just Music

If your event calls for a dance floor, then by all means, book the DJ service or the live band. But event entertainment can be more than just music. And some company meetings won’t warrant dancing. For those instances, you can get creative. Here are some entertainment ideas to consider:

  • Photo and Video Booths
  • Art Exhibits and Live Artists
  • Comedians
  • Magicians and Mentalists

Interactive Activities, Games, and Activations for the Win

Event-specific entertainment can also be interactive. Consider hosting trivia, having games, or creating contests as entertainment, for example. Infuse your corporate event with all kinds of activities and activations, including:

  • Escape Rooms
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Murals and Displays

Let EMRG Media Handle Your Event Entertainment

Planning any kind of corporate event is a tall order. But hopefully, these insights can provide you with the guidance you need to make great decisions about your corporate entertainment. And if you need more help getting organized, trust the corporate event planning masters at EMRG Media!