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How to Decorate a Large Venue and Make It Look Intimate

All New York Event Planners have reached a moment in their career where they stand inside a venue, look around, and realize they just have too much space to cover. This is when our creative juices kick in and we have the ability to show our skillset. Our job is to design an inviting setting that will impress the guests and satisfy the client. Here are some excellent examples of ideas you can use to create and transform a large space into an intimate setting.

Using Plants to Decorate a Large Venue

Potted plants while small can be very operative in terms of converting a room into a relaxed space. It’s common to see plants on large stages to cover up unused space and add ambiance to a setting. Using the same frame of thinking, you can use potted plants to fill up a large venue, especially in corners of the room where you have nothing else to add. They also make great centerpieces!

Decorating a Ceiling for a Large Venue

Often times, ceilings become the focal point of a large space. People will always look up! This is a detail that guests will not only appreciate, but it will help them grasp the extent of your planning skills. When your canvas is a large hall, you can decorate the ceiling with draped fabric or you can work with your florist to design a display of flowers that go well with the table floral pieces.

Decorate a Large Venue from Ceiling to Floor

While you’re thinking about adding décor to the ceiling like a display of lights, a floral arrangement, drapery, or…don’t forget the floor! Your signature is signed all over the décor aspect of an event so remember that you must think of every detail. From the ceiling to the floor! Sometimes the floor of an outdated hall can be unsightly with its obsolete carpet designs, so there is no reason to disregard it. You can cover the floors with rental carpets and wooden floors. If it’s not in the budget to rent carpet or wooden floors, make sure to fill the room with tables in your reception area to cover enough of the floor to hide the awful carpet, the tables and chairs will hide a majority of the rest.


Large venues can leave guests feeling dazed and confused. An enormous and empty space may feel too bare which may make people feel like you didn’t get the turnout you hoped for. Use this post as inspiration to design concepts that will make your event cozier and inviting, all while using a huge area to your advantage.