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How to Effectively Promote Your Upcoming Corporate Event

More and more businesses are taking advantage of the power of a corporate event. From annual brand conferences and company office parties to product launch events and corporate conferences, your business could be building a company culture, engaging your core audience, and boosting your bottom line results in a big way. But there’s a right (and wrong) way to promote your upcoming NYC corporate event to ensure success. Let EMRG Media uncover all the insights you need to know to effectively plan, market, and promote your company event.

Promoting the Corporate Event to Staff

Start by promoting your upcoming New York event to your staff and employees. Communicate the announcements and pillar details of the corporate event, including the date, theme, purpose, and venue, encouraging staff to save the date and invite a guest. As your event date approaches, you can continue to communicate event announcements, the benefits of attending, and deadlines for responding.

Use these employee-specific methods for promoting your corporate event internally:

  • Office posters
  • Company-wide email announcements
  • Office or department newsletters
  • Dedicated company communication channels

Targeted Invitations

Depending on the specifics of your NYC corporate event, you may need to invite guests from outside of your organization. Create customized invitations targeting various groups of potential guests. And use the dedicated communication channels for each of these groups when sending your first round of official invitations. This might include email messaging, phone calls, and text messages. 

Your groups of potential guests might include:

  • Inviting customers and clients
  • Inviting vendors and suppliers
  • Inviting colleagues and partners
  • Inviting networking groups
  • Inviting top prospects
  • Inviting sponsors or exhibitors

Dedicated Corporate Event Landing Page

Create an online presence via a dedicated event landing page for your corporate conference. Include event specifics, including the date, theme, venue, and purpose. But also include graphics and messaging that build excitement around attending, supporting, and participating in your conference.

Make sure your corporate event’s landing page is also:

  • Optimized for SEO with keywords and link-building
  • Stunning visually with images and videos that build excitement
  • Depicts clear and concise calls to action to RSVP or buy tickets
  • Mobile friendly
  • Full of quotes and testimonials for credibility

Social Media Event Marketing

Social media event marketing continues to be the best way to communicate excitement and corporate event details. Choose the few social platforms that your target audience of invited guests uses most. Consider Facebook, X (Twitter,) LinkedIn, and Instagram for event promotion.

And remember to do the following for the best social media event marketing results:

  • Tap into influencer marketing for boosted reach and frequency.
  • Commit to a regular posting schedule across the most relevant channels.
  • Alternate social content between CTAs, behind-the-scenes preparations, event announcements, and event teasers.
  • Use images, reels, videos, and lives for better engagement.

Generating Corporate Event Buzz

Don’t just announce the basic details about your upcoming corporate event. Sell that sizzle and generate buzz and enthusiasm around the engagement. Create content that describes the value of attending and the exciting activities that away those who participate. 

Promote your upcoming corporate event in a way that builds excitement and a sense of community around your event.

  • Use hashtag strategies to tie into trending conversations and identify your corporate event.
  • Offer layers of event participation, including general admission and VIP experiences.
  • Tease and announce speakers, guests, or celebrity appearances.
  • Increase the frequency and urgency of your content as your event date approaches.
  • Leverage FOMO strategies with all of your event marketing.

Partner with EMRG Media to Make It BIG

The most effective way to promote your NYC corporate events is by partnering with a professional event planner. Bring in the pros at EMRG Media, and let us put our 20+ years of curating brilliant New York events to work for you! We know all the best methods of promoting your event. But we can also help you with all the complex to-do lists that go with event planning a successful conference. We’ll book all your vendors, arrange your speakers, invite celebrities, manage all the event marketing, and more!

Work with EMRG Media for all your corporate events, including:

  • Corporate events
  • Holiday parties
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Charity events and galas
  • Product launches
  • Team-building events

Contact our team at EMRG Media, and let’s make your NYC corporate event a memorable and profitable success!!