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Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Event Party

How might you separate your events from the rest to guarantee that your invitees anticipate joining you every year?

The holidays are here so the parties are starting to fill up on our calendars! Yet, not everyone is as excited as they should be because these holiday events are becoming so routine that guests are starting to dread having to attend. Try out these tips to spice up your holiday event and separate your event from the rest.

Use New Technology

New technology can be intimidating, but the holiday season presents a thrilling time to try out new tools or programs. Maybe you have been waiting to buy a certain software or learn a new technique. The end of the year presents a great chance to prep for the upcoming year and try out new things.

Provide Festive Favors

Event favors and giveaways can range from wonderful, useful gifts to items you may toss once you leave the door. Try to spice up your holiday event by providing a themed gift such as seasonal treats or candies, decorative items themed for the season or a candle with a holiday scent. Holiday favors like these will go to great use and leave your event fresh in the minds of all of your guests.

Get Creative with Your Holiday Food

Creating holiday menus can pose a challenge because everyone expects different items depending on their culture or upbringing. Try sticking to seasonal flavors like butternut squash and pumpkin for the fall, or peppermint and cranberry for the winter holiday events. These will help to keep you on trend during the holiday season.

Another great instrument for making your food stand out is making the entire process to be interactive. You could design a cookie station for decorating holiday treats at your party, or even a s’mores station that will be delicious and entertaining. Who doesn’t love s’mores?

Make the Most of Social Media

Social media has a presence at every event these days, so why not include it in your holiday party? You can create a hashtag to gather the pictures from your event, no matter how large your group! Even smaller family or office gatherings can engage through the use of social media.

Design your own photo booth and have your friends, family or coworkers share the photos using your hashtag. Following the event, you will have all of your wonderful photos linked together! Little ideas like this can go a long way in providing group entertainment and increase interaction.

Add Signature Holiday Cocktails

Play around with fun flavors in your drink selection as well. Use mint, cranberry juice, or cider. Drinks can be with or without the alcohol depending on the time or day or group of people. Either way, signature cocktails can be fun and add some excitement to your event.

In Conclusion

The holiday season can easily become forgettable and routine, but with the tips above you are sure to add some pop and pizazz to your events. Attendees will be raving about the wonderful experience you provided and be looking to hire you as their planner in the New Year. Make your mark at the next holiday event and add some entertainment and excitement into the celebration.