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Table Plan Ideas for Your Next Event

Any event planner NY worth his or her salt knows that a table plan can make or break an event. We have rounded up the most sizzling table plan ideas that’ll knock your next event out of the park. They are fresh, fun and eccentric ways to direct guests to their seats at your next event.


Michael Page is not one to abandon this rustic table plan style. It’s a quirky way to let the guest know where their seats are. These traditional signpost themed tables, and name tags add a little flair of flamboyance and color to the event.


Mirrors provide a sassy background for attendee’s names. The calligraphy artwork in this example also oozes artistry and a serene atmosphere. The table plan itself encompasses huge vintage mirrors that let guest know where to seat and have a last glance at their impeccable selves.

‘Periodic Table’ Table Plans

What a fabulous and fun way to set up seating charts and table names, right? Periodic Table props are not only intended for “Big Bang Theory” fans, it’s perfect for intelligent people of all walks of life. You can also bet this type of table plan that it will take a science-related event by storm! Talk about serious chemistry at an event!


What’s better and easier for guests to visualize than creating a quirky mini diorama of the event venue? A brainchild of Mrs Rackley, the diorama is poised to show every nook and cranny of the venue itself – from the tables, cake, names, and even dessert table.

Fondue Forks

Rebecca Pffiffner certainly did a bang-up job with this ingenious and fun table plan idea. The guests are made to pick their fondue forks furnished with all their details. Besides, it’s a terrific way to keep a tab guests that haven’t arrived yet!


This event idea never gets old. Of course, the quirky seating chart written on chalkboards works for both small and big events. The event planner NY will have to be creative with the handwriting, perhaps add a little touch of calligraphy.


If the event planner NY is not looking to shed oodles of cash in the event, this fun glassware option for seating plan will do the trick. It encompasses writing the names of the guests on a variety of sizes of glassware containers and bottles. Kick it up a notch by doubling the glassware as sassy vases.

Travel Plans

This is a great idea for any event planner in NY looking to prep a destination themed party, wedding or corporate event. You just name the tables after great destinations or landmarks and pin them to a world map. Tanya Colclough, for one, did an amazing work on this themed event.

These are just but a few table plan ideas you can try on your next event. Don’t be afraid to spruce things up with a little ingenuity.


As we learned in this article, table plans don’t necessarily have to be dreary and with some originality and inspiration, you can make the table plan a talking point. Especially if you make them to be interactive or incorporate props and décor that will complement the theme of the event.