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Holiday Party Planning Photo by Nicole Michalou

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Party Planning in NYC

holiday party allows everyone to come together and have an enjoyable time during a historically festive time of year. And it also gives you the chance to strengthen company culture and show appreciation for your employees and colleagues. It’s never too early to start the holiday party planning.

After all, it’s always nice to have a fun workday!

So if you’re into holiday party planning and want to ensure success, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide on how to plan a successful holiday party!

Choosing a Theme

One of the first steps is to select a theme when thinking about holiday party ideas. The theme of your party will set the overall mood and atmosphere, creating a cohesive experience for your guests. Whether you want a classic winter wonderland theme, a fun and festive ugly sweater party, or a glamorous masquerade ball, the possibilities and event-planning tips are endless. Choosing a theme lets you get creative and add a unique touch to your event.


Once you have chosen a theme, it’s time to start thinking about the decorations. The decorations will help bring your music to life and create a visually stunning environment for your guests. You can incorporate sparkling white lights, glittering snowflake decorations, and crisp white linens for a winter wonderland theme.

If you’re hosting an ugly sweater party, embrace the cheesy and tacky decorations with oversized ornaments, garlands, and a Santa Claus or reindeer piñata. Opt for elegant and sophisticated embellishments like gold and silver accents, feathers, and masks displayed as centerpieces for a masquerade ball.

Choosing a Venue

The venue you choose for your holiday party is crucial as it sets the stage for the event. The size of your guest list, the atmosphere you want to create, and your overall budget will help determine the right venue for your party.

If you’re hosting a small gathering with close friends and family, you may consider hosting the party at home. This provides an intimate setting where everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. You can transform your living room or backyard into a winter wonderland with festive decor and cozy seating.

Alternatively, if you’re planning a big corporate holiday party, you may opt for a larger, more formal venue such as a banquet hall, hotel ballroom, or event space. These venues can often accommodate a more extensive guest list and provide services such as catering and audiovisual equipment.

Creating a Guest List & Sending Invitations

Once you have selected your theme and secured a venue, the next step is to create a guest list and send out invitations. The guest list will depend on the type of party you’re hosting and the target audience you want to invite.

When sending out invitations, be sure to include all the essential information, such as the date, time, and location of the event, as well as the dress code and any special instructions or requests.

Entertainment & Activities

Incorporating entertainment and activities is key to ensuring that your holiday party theme offers a memorable experience. Consider hiring a live band or a DJ to provide music that suits the theme of your party.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to incorporate party decorations, interactive activities, or games such as a photo booth or a DIY arts and crafts station.

Variety of Holiday-Themed Options

Entertainment and activities for a corporate holiday party can set the tone for a successful night. It is important to ensure everyone in attendance is having a great time. Try to provide various options to appeal to all types of employees, such as karaoke. Have games and activities that encourage team bonding, such as a holiday-themed scavenger hunt or a holiday trivia contest.

Consider incorporating elements of holiday culture, such as caroling or a holiday costume contest. Providing activities to keep guests engaged and entertained is key to planning the ultimate successful corporate holiday party.

Food & Drink

The food and drinks you serve at your holiday party will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting and your budget, you can choose between a plated dinner, buffet-style catering, or food stations.

When planning the menu, be mindful of any dietary restrictions or allergies your guests may have and offer various options. In addition to the food, having a well-stocked bar with a diverse selection of drinks is essential for a festive holiday party.

Preferences of the guests

When planning a successful corporate holiday party, a good plan is key. The food and drink preferences of the guests should always be taken into consideration when choosing caterers and making a menu.

Researching traditional dishes of diverse cultures and cuisines can help open up your guests’ palate preferences. Ensuring vegan, gluten-free, and other allergy-safe options can also make your guests feel respected. Drinks should also be taken into consideration. There should be a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to choose from.

It’s important to note any guests with dietary restrictions so that you can provide appropriate food and drinks. Lastly, find out the preferred brands of the guests and be sure these are options at the party. Doing this research will help make your festive gathering a success and ensure your guests have an enjoyable and comfortable time.

Saying Thank You

After the holiday party, expressing your gratitude to your guests is a courteous and considerate gesture. A thoughtful and personalized thank you note allows you to show appreciation for their presence and contribution to the event’s success.

Another way to engage with your guests is by sending a post-event survey to gather valuable feedback for future events.

Planning a memorable holiday party requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Following the ultimate guide ensures that your holiday party stands out and leaves a lasting impression. So, start planning today and prepare to host an unforgettable event that will be discussed for years to come. Don’t forget to embrace the festive spirit, have fun, and make this holiday season one to remember!

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