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Top 10 Venues to Have Your New York City Wedding in 2016

Spring 2016 is here and that means the most popular seasons for NYC weddings are amongst us. This year’s top NYC wedding venues are a bit different than last years’ because the bar has been lifted! To be classified one of the best locations to have your wedding in NYC just doesn’t have the same requirements as in past years.

Before you pull your hair out trying to figure out which wedding venue will help bring your dream wedding to fruition, trust our expert NYC event planner’s recommendations.

Here are Our Top 10 Venues to Have Your New York City Wedding in 2016:


When you think dream wedding, you think sophistication, extravagance, and flawlessness. The atmosphere at Capitale New York City offers all three and more. Their style and elegance will deliver an unparalleled picturesque wedding day along with top-notch service to leave your guests in absolute awe.

A perfect wedding reception is what you can expect in this 15,000 square foot ballroom with ceilings that reach 65 feet in the air. This magical ballroom can accommodate up to 1,500 of your favorite people in one of New York City’s best settings for a wedding.

The Upstairs

If a stunning NYC wedding is what you’re looking for, then the penthouse level on the 30th floor of the Kimberly Hotel is where you should feast your eyes. Their new 3,000 square foot event space features indoor and outdoor space amongst elegant interior design, heated floors, a retractable glass ceiling and walls to match, along with breathtaking view of the New York City Skyline.

The design of Upstairs NYC was not just put together in a day, the thoughtful process and planning were directed to bring the outdoor view of New York City inside during the winter months so that your event is as lively as the summer months.

Midtown Loft

This upscale venue made it to the top of our list of best wedding venues in NYC because of its two stylish event spaces all under one roof. The Midtown Loft and Midtown Terrace are conveniently located in the heart of New York City on Fifth Ave near the infamous Empire State Building.

There are 5,000 square feet of event space for your guests to dance the night away under premier lighting and décor in this premier venue. The striking high ceilings are complimented by the spot lighting and oversized windows that display stunning views of the beautiful NYC skyline. There is an overall warm and polished look to this venue which would enhance the ambiance at any wedding.

Edison Ballroom

Celebrate your special day in grace & style at this leading New York City wedding venue. The Edison Ballroom New York is covered in luxury and class with a touch of immaculate perfection. A fairytale wedding come true is what this location aimed at when opening their ballroom to accommodate NYC’s brides and grooms who were looking to have their reception in a venue that would offer everlasting memories.

This historic event space on 47th Street in Manhattan provides quite an amazing backdrop for your wedding day amid art deco architecture that was renovated in 2008. The innovative AV system and in-house celebrity chef, Mina Newman, Anal Beads handling the catering menu sets this NYC wedding venue above the rest.

The Foundry

Long Island City is holding a gem from the rest of NYC with this unique wedding venue. The Foundry has become a preferred wedding venue to New Yorkers who are looking to have a classic family-style wedding with the Manhattan skyline playing the background scenery role.

This unique site offers a courtyard that is plastered with ivy and plants to host a wedding reception of under 200 guests. From the first week of April until the last week of November, you can have the added touch of a tent in the courtyard as your guests sip on cocktails and enjoy views of the Queensboro Bridge.


If your wedding is set to be the most talked about and fashionable affair of New York City, then eSpace NYC is the wedding venue for you! Their custom designed furnishing is imported to give it a taste of Europe in New York. This is where modern meets elegance and comes together to deliver a personalized experienced for both you and your future spouse.

Versatility is what this space offers your wedding day to make sure there is nothing average about your big day. The service detail will make your guests feel like they’re a part of a one-of-a-kind event where their presence completes the room.

The Lofts at Prince

Located in the trendiest part of NYC is The Lofts at Prince where downtown Manhattan has reshaped the landscape of wedding venues to add refined culture and artistic value to your event. This Soho wedding venue on Prince Street made it to our list of best wedding venues in NYC partially because of its impeccable hospitality and the other part because of its optimized décor.

There is more than one space to choose from that offers a well-lit space with polished wooden floors and even a space to host an outdoor wedding during the warmer months. Depending on the size of your guest list, one of these event spaces will offer you a clean canvas to create the wedding you’ve envisioned for years.

Central Park Zoos

An oasis in the concrete jungle that is New York City awaits future brides and grooms at the Central Park Zoo where this non-traditional venue offers a reception space with festive lighting for you and your guests to celebrate the most important day of your life. You can have your ceremony underneath the tent in the garden and then move to the reception area where you can enjoy your cocktails as the sea lions gracefully glide through the water.

The luxurious gardens amid sophisticated architecture will leave your guests fully inspired and ready to enjoy a night of spectacular views of the city surrounded by the energy of the exotic creatures that reside at the zoo.


If your personality is best described as “off the beat and path” then Offsite NYC is the best New York City wedding venue for you. The art deco style of this event space inspires originality at first sight and delivers a level of creativity that cannot be compared. This is by far one of Manhattan’s most exclusive locations to host your wedding reception in a space that offers 3 stories to party on.

Conveniently located on 39th street in Manhattan, Offsite is an excellent wedding venue selection for couples who have guests coming in from all different parts of New York because of its proximity to all the main highways and other forms of transportation.