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Upcoming Retirement? 6 Insights for Planning the Retirement Party

When you reach the pivotal milestone in your career and life when you can officially retire from your work or military service, it’s quite the accomplishment. And it’s well worth celebrating with an over-the-top, extravaganza kind of a New York City retirement party! Whether you’re the guest of honor or you’re charged with planning this monumental event for someone else, keep reading. Our team at EMRG Media plans all kinds of amazing social events and celebrations. And these are our top insights to make sure the retirement party you’re planning is an overwhelming success!

1. Get Specific with Your Guest List

Start by creating an invitation list. Assemble your guest list carefully, including work colleagues, friends, family members, and their plus ones. This will help you estimate attendance, which is critical for booking all your other retirement party event vendors. You won’t be able to predict just how many people will show up to your event. However, in general, for guest lists of 200+, you can estimate roughly 75% of your guests will come.

2. Organize a Retirement Party Budget

With your guest list in mind, you can begin to lay out a retirement party agenda and budget. Start by allocating funds to the big things – the venue, catering, and entertainment. But also consider other expenses, like decors, floral arrangements, audiovisual equipment, vendor tips, and photo booths. Use this budget to reach out to others who might be willing to pitch in and help.

3. Celebrate BIG with an Event Theme

Eliminate some of the guesswork of retirement party planning by selecting an over-arching theme. Choose something fun that resonates with the guest of honor. And with a theme in mind, all the other event designs and details will fall into place. Here are some theme ideas for inspiration.

  • Golf Themes (For those planning to golf in retirement)
  • Vintage Themes (Celebrating the coming of retirement age)
  • Hollywood Red Carpet (In line with hobbies and preferences)
  • Retirement Luau (Preparing for retirement travels)
  • Casino Night (Spending all that 401K)

4. Choosing the Right NYC Venue

The next order of business in your retirement party planning efforts is going to be choosing the best New York City venue. And there are tons of great hotspots all over the city. But with your guest list and budget in mind, you can start exploring those that have availability in line with your party date. And be sure to visit the venues in person to see the layouts and talk with the venue representatives directly. Here are just a few of the iconic NYC venues to add to your consideration list:

  • LAVO Nightclub
  • Lavan 541
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • The Glass Houses

5. Booking the Retirement Party Vendors

Now that all your pillar retirement party details are ironed out, you can start exploring all the various vendors you’ll need to book. Start with NYC catering companies and event entertainment. Be sure to sample the menu and ask for references whenever possible. Here are just some of the vendors to add to your must-book list:

  • Photo and Video Booths
  • Live Bands or DJs
  • Audiovisual Rentals
  • Florists
  • Bakery
  • Photographers
  • Mixologists or Bartenders

6. Let EMRG Media Make Your Retirement Party a Hit

Here’s the real nugget of advice when it comes to planning a hit of a retirement party in New York City. Book the professionals. Let EMRG Media handle all of these party planning details for you, ensuring every element is perfect for your guest of honor and an exciting, fun time for your guests! We’ve been planning these celebrations for decades and know all the best vendors and trends. Let us take the hassle out of planning and make your retirement party a massive success!