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10 Escape Rooms in NYC to Consider for Your Next Team-Building Event

Escape rooms have become very trendy over recent years, and they’re not just fun for friends having a night out or family looking for weekend activities. They can serve as a fantastic team-building activity for your next company event. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to get your team of professionals involved in an interactive exercise that’s really fun! Oh, and here in New York City, the escape room experience is wildly challenging, exciting, and equally rewarding!

Why a Team-Building Event?

Because there are a series of tasks to complete, escape rooms can help build skills within your team. Each escape room challenge is designed to be challenging, usually in a race against the clock to complete a puzzle or solve a riddle. There are unique themes and atmospheres with any escape room. However, they all inspire collaboration, problem-solving, decision-making, and good communication among participants. These all just happen to ALSO be necessary skills at the office or on the job, too, which is why escape rooms are growing in popularity among companies looking for rewarding adventures for their teams. The challenging environment of an escape room can strengthen relationships within your group because you all have to work together in an effective way. 

New York City has plenty of event entertainment and a wide variety of escape rooms to choose from for your next corporate event or office party. Consider these ten options when planning your next team-building event – and prepare for an exciting event activity your employees will be talking about for days!

1. Mission Escape Games 

Mission Escape Games is located in Midtown Manhattan at 265 W 37th St, Suite 802A. This award-winning company offers multiple rooms with games that are highly immersive and tech-advanced. Also, they specialize in corporate events, and if you schedule ahead of time, they can accommodate large groups by using multiple rooms. 

Mission Escape Games: Featured Rooms for Your Corporate Events

  • End of Days (A&B) – Sci-Fi and apocalyptic-themed rooms.
  • Escape the Hydeout – Mystery Room based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Carbon: 3708 – CyberPunk and high-tech themed room.

2. Exit Escape Room NYC

Exit Escape Room NYC is located in the Garment District at 247 W 36th St., Suite 101. This highly-rated company promises a thrilling and innovative experience for your next corporate event. So, put your problem-solving skills to the test in one (or more) of their four rooms.

Exit Escape Room NYC: Featured Rooms for Your Team-Building Event

  • High-Speed NYC – Work together to activate the emergency system of a train speeding out of control. 
  • The Magic Crystal – Magical adventure featuring a witch and a stolen crystal.
  • The Perfect Heist – Find the cash and escape the mob boss in this classic heist game.

3. Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at 104 West Street. This escape room challenge sets itself apart by putting each group into the middle of an innovative story with their high-tech puzzles. Their custom-designed rooms are one of a kind. When planning your next team-building event, they offer in-house bookings, OR they can come to you! They’ll deliver and set up games right at your office.

Komnata Quest: Featured Rooms for Your Company Get-Together

  • The City of Ashes – Horror-themed room where creatures are hunting for your souls. Perfect for the spooky season!
  • Doctor Frankenstein – Steampunk and mystical adventure in the laboratory of Doctor Frankenstein.
  • Hex of the Chinese Jewelry Box – Recover an artifact in this detective-themed room.

4. Escape the Room NYC

Escape the Room NYC is located in Midtown Manhattan at 24 W 25th St floor 8. These rooms are frequented by some of the biggest companies in the city, such as Google, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase, just to name a few. Also, team-building events are their specialty! 

Escape the Room NYC: Featured Rooms for Your Office Celebration

  • Jurassic Escape – Save the city in this dinosaur-themed room.
  • The Submarine – Navigate the deep sea in this underwater adventure.
  • The Dig – Solve the mystery in this multi-leveled game with lots of twists and turns.
  • Cartman’s Escape Room – Perfect for all the South Park fans.
  • The Agency – Work together to solve this top-secret mission.
  • Outbreak – Save the country from a deadly pandemic.
  • The Office – Everyone’s worst nightmare; you’re stuck at work and can’t leave unless you finish the game.
  • The Home – Victorian-themed mystery room.
  • The Clock Tower – Time travel-themed room.

5. Beat the Bomb

Beat the Bomb is located in Brooklyn at 255 Water Street. This company has completely innovated the idea of an escape room. It’s truly a unique experience that’s perfect for your next corporate event. Also, they can easily accommodate large groups with their party room, or they have virtual options as well, perfect for virtual or hybrid corporate events. 

Beat the Bomb: Featured Rooms for Your Team-Building Event

  • Mission – Suit up in hazmat great to disarm the bomb by playing a series of high-tech video game rooms. Play paint bomb or foam bomb to maximize the fun.
  • Game Play – Immersive game where you and your group enjoy food and drinks while playing over 15 mini-games.

6. BrainXcape Escape Room

BrainXcape Escape Room is located in Downtown Manhattan at 160 Broadway, 3rd floor. By blending fear and surprise, this company takes you on an immersive journey that’s perfect for your next team-building event. Still, these assignments will challenge your group and require cohesive problem-solving skills in all of their thrilling rooms.

BrainXcape Escape Room: Featured Rooms for Your Company Party

  • Rikers, 1932 – Figure out the cryptic clues to escape NY’s most infamous penitentiary.
  • The Haunted Hotel – Horror-themed room that is both thrilling and terrifying.
  • Game of Gold – Solve the mystery in this world of dragons, castles, and magic.

7. OMEscape

OMEscape is located in Midtown Manhattan at 325 W 38th Street. This company has multiple rooms and offers a private room and flexible schedule for your next corporate event. Additionally, their engaging and interesting rooms are great for large groups.

OMEscape: Featured Rooms for Your Team-Building Event 

  • Laboratory of Biohazard – Find the cure to the neurotoxin and save the city.
  • The Penitentiary – Use clues to escape this notorious military prison.
  • Room X – Time travel adventure.

8. Escape Room Madness

Escape Room Madness is located in Midtown Manhattan at 38 W 32nd St, 5th Floor, Ste 500. Work with your coworkers at your next team-building event to solve the perfect crime, save lives, and prevent the apocalypse. Additionally, it continues to be a favorite for some of the city’s biggest corporations.

Escape Room Madness: Featured Rooms for Your Corporate Team-Building Event

  • The Perfect Crime – Solve this perfect crime or become the next victim.
  • Quarantine – Save the world from a deadly virus.
  • Nuclear Annihilation – A terrorist attack has you trapped in a power plant, and you must escape.
  • Prey – A terrifying creature has been terrorizing the city, and you must figure out how to stop it.
  • Masquerade – Solve this high-profile crime.
  • Exodus – Save humanity at the New York History Museum.

9. PanIQ Escape Room NYC

PanIQ Escape Room NYC is located in Midtown Manhattan at 39 W 32nd St, 4th floor. This company has many successful locations all over the world. And, after visiting, you’ll see why. Its unique and life-like experiences are like no other. So, host your next corporate event here and you’ll understand why PanIQ has become one of the fastest growing escape room brands.

PanIQ Escape Room NYC: Featured Rooms for Your Company Event

  • Houdini’s Workshop – Search Houdini’s workshop for clues about The Artifact.
  • Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle – Board the ship and help the captain locate an artifact in order to prevent a Bermuda Triangle event.
  • Moonshine Madness – Travel back in time to a 1920s speakeasy to solve a mystery concerning a problematic drink.
  • Guardian of Gotham – Stop a rogue time traveler in Manhattan who is misusing his powers.

10. The Escape Game NYC

The Escape Game NYC is located in Midtown Manhattan at 295 Madison Ave. This company features seven different rooms for all different skill levels. For your next team-building event, you’re sure to have a fantastic experience with their diverse rooms and fun atmosphere. So, whether your staff are novice or veterans at escape rooms, you’ll find great challenges here!

The Escape Game NYC: Featured Rooms for Your Team-Building Event

  • Timeliner: Train Through Time – Hop between centuries in this time-traveling adventure.
  • Prison Break – Try and escape this 1950s-style prison in this very difficult escape room.
  • The Depths – Navigate your submarine into the sea for some underwater mysteries.
  • The Heist – Try and pull off the ultimate museum heist.
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market – Combat and international crisis as a special-ops agent.
  • Gold Rush – Find your inheritance during the 1800s California Gold Rush.
  • Playground – This nostalgic room will bring you back to school and have you completing assignments so you can start summer break.

Get Creative and ‘Escape’ at Your Next Team-Building Event!

There is no shortage of event entertainment options all over the city, and that includes creative and challenging “escapes” for your team-building engagements. Escape rooms are a really great way to get your teams engaged and working together, while also having fun. Moreover, they can help create a goal-oriented mindset to bring back to the office and start demonstrating skills you didn’t know they had. These event entertainment options are designed to get people working together to solve problems, a critical asset and skill needed in the workplace. 

Get your employees together for a little fun, a little socializing, and a little escape room fun! Your company and your staff will reap the benefits of such a team-building experience. And EMRG Media is here to help you execute every event planning detail! Contact us and let’s start organizing a team-building event they won’t forget – New York escape room style!