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Corporate Event Planning the Right Way: Avoid These 6 Mistakes

Try Googling for best practices in event planning. You’ll be inundated with pages and pages of tips, tricks, and advice for pulling off the perfect corporate event. But if you’re charged with your company’s upcoming office party, product launch, or corporate event, you don’t have the time or the energy to chase down every “do this” and a big idea. What you can do is learn about the corporate event planning mistakes to avoid. And trust the EMRG Media team to point you in the right direction. Make sure you’re NOT doing these things, and you’ll be on your way to a great corporate event or office party.

1. Not Planning in Advance

The best way to avoid major corporate event missteps and catastrophes is by giving yourself enough time to properly plan ahead. And that means starting several weeks and months in advance of your event date. Rushing your planning process will only bring about more opportunities for oversights and mistakes. 

2. Not Finalizing Your Corporate Event Budget

Your company’s corporate event planning budget needs adequate planning and consideration. Be flexible with those event elements that are must-haves, like booking the perfect venue, hiring the best caterer, and paying the live band. But don’t overlook other event expenses like door prizes, photo booths, and event marketing. Itemize your budgets thoroughly and be prepared for unexpected expenses to arise, too.

3. Not Having an Event Backup Plan

Whatever you do, don’t forget to create a backup plan. The weather might not cooperate, your venue might suddenly become unavailable, and your guest speaker might cancel. Don’t put all your corporate event-planning eggs in one basket. Line up backup vendors and make arrangements for contingencies. And when hiccups do arise, you’ll be ready to pull off an incredible event regardless.

4. Not Conducting a Venue Walkthrough or Sampling the Menu

This might sound trivial, but you have to always do the walkthrough of the venue, sample the menus, meet the band, etc. Your schedule is hectic, and it might seem entirely feasible to book your vendors online or with a quick meeting at your office. But not laying eyes on your event space or tasting the fare could result in disaster on the day of your corporate event. 

5. Not Considering Your Attendees’ Preferences

You’ll coordinate much of your company event through a lens of company branding and event goals. But it would be a mistake to overlook the attendee experience. It’s the guest experience that will ultimately determine the success of your event. So, be mindful of what they expect, activities they’ll enjoy, and menu options that appeal to their preferences. Keep their sentiments in mind as much as you would the company objectives.

6. Not Bringing in Enough Help

Trust your chosen vendors to do their jobs flawlessly on the day of your event. But don’t make the mistake of taking on event day execution all by yourself. You might need additional help with registration booths, securing VIP lounges, and guiding guests throughout the event segments. Make sure you have enough hands on deck to pull off a brilliant event flow.

Speaking of help, the best way to avoid these corporate event planning mistakes is by choosing an incredible event planning partner, like EMRG Media. Let our pros handle all the event details, bring the best corporate event experiences, and avoid all these common mistakes. Contact us, and let’s start planning!