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3 Ways to Make an Event Great for Kids and Adults

NYC Event Planners are aware of just how important it is to know their target audience when it comes to planning events that require appealing to a variety of ages and interests. Sometimes thinking of activities that everyone will consider entertaining can become challenging, so here are 3 Ways to Make an Event Great for Kids and Adults:

Indoor & Outdoor Activities for Kids and Adults

With the summer season approaching, it’s always a good idea to plan for some outdoor activities that can entertain both children and adults. You can:

  • Set up board games using tape to design oversized board games on the concrete, grass, or carpet (if you need to bring the party indoors). You can also make oversized dice from available boxes.
  • Create a game of outdoor Connect 4 or Jenga which are always fun for all ages, especially when the game pieces are huge.
  • Spread simple equipment around the party area like hula hoops or skipping ropes.
  • Design a scavenger hunt that will entertain all ages by spreading clues throughout the event location and make sure you have plenty of treats handy for the people who complete the hunt. This is an excellent way to get your guests to engage with one another as well.
  • Build a pick n’ mix because everyone loves candy, so this will always go off without a hitch!

Seated Party Activities for All Ages

One of the best ways to keep the kids and adults occupied at a party is by offering a seated activity that will keep them preoccupied for some time. Give these ideas a whirl:

Promote The Event

Make sure that while everyone is having fun, you snap some pictures and publish them on social media to keep everything live. Create a unique event hashtag to be used with each image you upload, and maintain the fun during and after the event. For added fun, you can project images on a social wall so your guests can see their posts throughout the event.