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How Marketing Can Help You Create Event Magic

The most popular events are face-to-face events because they are the largest producers of ROI for businesses. The most vital component that allows events to continuously bring in leads and revenue is aligning your marketing with your events to create sales magic.

In order to successfully gain leads and revenue from your events make sure that your goal is clear:

  • Defining what a quality lead is
  • Knowing what type of events are most beneficial for your business
  • Preparing your team to work together to increase engagement at events

Let’s review why marketing and sales go hand in hand with your event planning.

How Marketing Can Help You Create Event Magic

1.       Aim and Shoot: Get together with your team and make sure the planners are in sync with the marketing team in the overall plan for the event. Design an invitation strategy based on the type of lead you’ve all agreed is the target audience.

2.       Analyze Your Plan: Brainstorm as a team and decide which type of event will bring in the most sales. Perhaps an enormous event is not what will allow you to spend enough time with the people who you’d like to land as clients. You may want to consider a small private event that will give you more face to face time with decision makers.

3.       Enhanced Engagement: Take notes on who you interacted with and what essential commentaries were exchanged. Use that information to hand-off to your marketing team who will create engaging follow-up content after the event. People are more responsive to follow-up techniques that have a personal touch.


The Bottom Line

Using this guideline to work closely with whoever manages your marketing will increase your event’s ROI. There should be a parallel goal between your event planning and marketing heads which also means these two ends of the business should be working closely together to produce goal-oriented results.

If you’re having trouble creating event magic and need help marketing your events, please contact us to start increasing your bottom line today.