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4 Entertainment Ideas for Your Company Holiday Party

The holiday season will be upon us before you know it, and if you’ve been tasked with planning your company’s holiday party, it can be overwhelming. EMRG Media is here to help as one of NYC’s premiere event-planning partners. Office parties are a great opportunity to boost employee morale and celebrate each other while also letting loose and having a great time. To start planning for your New York City party, event entertainment should be at the top of your list. Bring excitement to your guests by securing multiple entertainment options such as musical guests, interactive activities, variety entertainers, or fun contests. By having a variety of entertainment for your guests, you’re sure to have an unforgettable end-of-the-year celebration at your corporate event! Get inspired with these entertainment ideas, perfect for any company holiday party.

1. Musical Guests

Music entertainment is a must at any party, and hired performers really bring the energy up at any event. Keep in mind the size of your gathering, as some are better suited for large groups and some for smaller ones.


There are multiple options when choosing a band. Whether it’s a cover band, a jazz band, or a dance band, your guests will be singing and dancing along to the holiday classics. Most bands you find can cater to any size crowd, and in many instances, the bigger, the better!

Solo Performers

Solo performers are perfect for smaller parties and bring a fantastic ambiance to a more intimate setting. Securing a solo singer, guitarist, or pianist for your holiday party can really wow your guests. These artists can usually accommodate requests and can make the musical experience feel more interactive.


You cannot go wrong by hiring a DJ for any event or party. DJs have the unique ability to energize any crowd by spinning all the fan favorites. And in this instance, all the classic holiday music to really get in the spirit of the season. 

2. Interactive Entertainment

The best way to engage your party attendees is to provide some hands-on and interactive entertainment. Not only are they fun, but they are relatively easy to plan. Many of these types of entertainment options are easy to set up and are self-guided, making it easy for the host to coordinate.

Photo Booths

There’s nothing quite like a photo booth to commemorate your holiday party. They’re trendy, fun, and perfect for those special photo-op moments. Choose from indoor booths, open-air booths, 360 booths, and so many more! Get those holiday props out, and your guests will be creating lasting memories captured in festive and fun photos.

Gift Exchange

It’s the season of giving, and what better way to spread some cheer than with a gift exchange? If you choose this for your party, make sure everyone is involved and set a firm spending limit. There are many different gift-exchanging options, and some of the most popular are Secret Santa, white elephant exchange, and gift grab. 

Tree Decorating

This fun activity will get the entire party involved. Trim the office tree with pre-selected decor and then ask everyone to bring in an ornament to add to the tree. The assortment of ornaments will really show off everyone’s different personalities. Once the tree is full of ornaments, let the photo opportunities begin. The decorated tree will be an ideal backdrop to capture all the festivities.

3. Variety Entertainers

Variety entertainers perform live for your party-goes with rehearsed routines and immense character development. They are true artists in what they do and New York City is home to some of the most brilliant entertainers. Whether your party is an adults-only affair or a family-friendly celebration, there are plenty of exciting variety entertainers to consider.

Santa Claus

If you’ve opened up your event to your employee’s families, hiring a Santa Claus will bring pure delight to the youngest attendees in the crowd. Experience the enchantment of the season with one of these magical entertainers. Santa Claus could even help with your gift exchange!


The best way to get some hearty laughs from your guests is by hiring a comedian. Bring some wholesome cheer to the party with laugh-out-loud jokes from these engaging entertainers. Be sure to consider your audience and relay that to the comedian you hire to manage expectations.


It’s been said that the holiday season is the most magical time of the year, so why not hire a magician for your holiday party to really embrace the theme of the season? Magicians are unique entertainers and can engage a large audience all at once or move around your party, performing tricks to small groups. 

4. Fun Contests

Don’t be afraid to encourage a bit of friendly competition at your office holiday party. These fun contests can work at any corporate event and will have your coworkers getting in on all the action. Don’t forget the prizes for all the winners!

Ugly Sweater Contest

If your party has more of a casual feel to it, an ugly sweater contest will be so fun for all your guests. It’s a chance for everyone to get creative and let their personalities shine through. Plus, you’re sure to get some good laughs!

Holiday Team Trivia

Test your coworkers’ holiday knowledge with questions about holiday movies, different holiday traditions, holiday music, and so much more! This is a great way to interact with everyone and have a lot of fun. May the best team win!

Cookie and Gingerbread House Decorating

Give your party-goers an opportunity to tap into their creative side by setting up cookie and/or gingerbread house decorating stations. This is perfect for all ages and can also double as a dessert station as well. It’s a delicious win-win!

Planning your office holiday party can be a challenge for even the most seasoned corporate event planners. However, the success of your next event is just completing tasks one at a time. Start looking at these entertainment ideas and get them booked soon! Get inspired by the spirit of the holiday season, and you’ll have a memorable event that’s merry and bright!

And if you really want to make your company holiday party one to remember, bring in the event planning team at EMRG Media! We have decades of experience in curating brilliant office parties and corporate holiday festivities. Let us make yours unforgettable, and we’ll handle every detail, including the entertainment!