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5 Benefits of After-Work Cocktail Parties for Your Staff

As a company manager, team leader, or business owner, you recognize how important it is for you to let your employees and teams have a breather once in a while. And the happy hour get-together is always a popular and spontaneous way to do just that. But you may not realize all the benefits of the after-work cocktail party can really be for your staff, your company, and your bottom line. Check out these happy hour advantages that will have you encouraging and hosting work-related cocktail parties all the time.

1. Team Bonding in a Relaxed Space

There’s just something satisfying and relaxing about a happy hour hangout right after work. For your employees, it’s about exhaling after a long day. And post-work cocktail parties are great for encouraging a little team bonding in a relaxed atmosphere. Look to incorporate as many midday lunches, day outings, or happy hours to encourage staff to decompress and hang out together to engage in non-work-related conversations. And when they’re able to build valuable relationships outside of work, they’ll become more compatible as team members when they are at work.

2. Boost Employee Retention

When you do things that make your employees happy, they become inspired to be more loyal. And you can significantly boost staff retention and your company culture with regular cocktail parties, team-building events, and happy hour get-togethers. These rewarding “unwinding” sessions are always welcomed social hours. And they are great activities to release workplace stress, a key element in boosted employee morale and retention.

3. Improve Your Team’s Productivity

The more engaging you can make your team environment, the more productive your team will be. Regular outings, in the form of organized lunches or coordinated cocktail parties, can reinvigorate your staff with social energy and social interactions. Keep these types of regular events on the work calendar and keep employees smiling. You’ll see the rewards in your bottom-line productivity. 

4. Creative Inspiration and Collaboration

When your employees are responsible for brainstorming new ideas, creative thinking for new plans, or collaborating on new solutions, a happy hour get-together might be just the activity to boost creativity. Sometimes, traditional meeting areas or conference rooms can become stifling to staff. And simply moving the brainstorming session to a new venue, like a New York City bar or venue, can be just the change of scenery your teams need to rekindle their creative juices.

5. Celebratory for Key Employees

Another benefit of hosting regular happy hours or after-work social hours is the benefit of celebrating employee-related wins. You can use these get-togethers to reward staff for hitting goals, achieving milestones, or just for having another birthday. Employee recognition is a requirement for having a healthy work environment and elevated company culture.

Let EMRG Media Be Your Guide

If you’re looking to incorporate regular staff outings and cocktail parties, you don’t have to go it alone. Let EMRG Media take the party planning reins and coordinate all kinds of incredible after-work get-togethers so you can take advantage of all these after-work cocktail party benefits! Let’s get planning!