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5 Things Your Employees Expect at a Team-Building Event

You know the company culture-boosting power of a team-building event. But how can you be sure you’re curating the most effective event experience for your staff? And how do you know that you’re delivering what they’d expect and more? Don’t try to put together another mundane office party or company outing. This season, go for the gold and make sure your team-building event has all these must-have elements. Your employees will expect a well-curated event. And this is what you need to deliver in a BIG way.

1. A Team-Building Event Has to Be Fun

It may be a corporate event with company-sponsored amenities, but your employees do expect these gatherings to be fun. It’s their chance to break away from the workplace, engage with colleagues, and enjoy themselves. As you make arrangements for your team-building event, make sure there’s plenty of entertainment, great food, and a lively atmosphere. And even if you have to do a little company housekeeping or work-related presentations, make sure to break those elements up with plenty of relaxation, mingling, and downtime in between.

2. There Have to Be Options

Your employees expect there to be options. And by options, we mean with everything. When planning your office party or team-building event, look to provide more than one selection for every aspect. For example, make various meal and beverage choices available. But expand to include different seating arrangements, like lounge areas and traditional table seating, as well as activities for those who want to do more than just sit with co-workers. Keep the options plentiful, and you’ll have great employee experiences as everyone finds a little something for themselves.

3. Team-Building Event Games and Challenges Are a Must

If you want your employees to interact and engage with each other at your event, you’re going to need to introduce a few games, challenges, and team-building activities. Get creative and keep it fun with friendly competition. Here are some gamification suggestions for inspiration: 

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Escape rooms
  • Trivia contests
  • Geocache adventures

4. They Want to Be Recognized

Your employees will fully expect your company’s corporate event to have some presentation materials and talking points. But they’ll be looking for team recognition, too. So, don’t forget to incorporate some kinds of awards, departmental highlights, and individual praise. Use these team-building events to “build up” your team’s confidence and company loyalty.

5. Swag and Door Prizes Are Always Welcome

Don’t forget the company-branded swag at your upcoming team-building event. Your staff is fully expecting there to be door prizes, game prizes, or take-home goodies – even if it is just a branded tee shirt or tote bag. When you’re planning your team-building engagement, allow yourself enough time to order branded promotional products and any other giveaways you intend to send home with your guests.

Keep these insights handy when you’re coordinating your company outings, holiday parties, corporate events, and team-building events. And it’s still a bit overwhelming; you can always rely on the pros at EMRG Media to handle all your corporate event planning needs!