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Make Your Office Party Spectacular with These 4 Event Experiences

Office parties don’t have to be boring, traditional get-togethers where employees segment themselves into departmental cliques for the evening. It doesn’t have to be a company party of tired dance floor antics or where everyone waits for “Bob” to get cut off from the bar. If any of these scenarios sound familiar with your past office parties – keep reading. 

Today’s company celebrations are downright incredible, with brilliant designs, mood-altering aesthetics, and these must-have event experiences that employees rave about for weeks to come! As you plan your next office party, look to boost your employee and guest experiences by focusing on these event elements.

1. Fully-Immersive Event Environments

Don’t just book a New York venue. Instead, book the venue and then transform it into a fully immersive, themed party experience! Use themes to centralize your event designs. Use audiovisual components, like stunning sound systems and LED screens, to tantalize the senses. Lighting has to be spot on, and seating must be comfortable, from the bar and lounge area to the table settings. 

2. Games, Challenges, and Event Activities

Your office party won’t segment into employee comfort zones when you introduce a series of engaging activities, like games, team challenges, and other event activities. Consider these fun team-building and icebreaker activities to get your employees mingling and having fun:

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Casino games
  • Escape room
  • AR/VR experiences
  • Sip and paint
  • Karaoke corners
  • Tabletop trivia

Just remember, when you plan games and friendly competition activities, you’re also going to need prizes for those who win.

3. More Than One Layer of Entertainment

Office parties of yesteryear were fun because there was a dance floor and a live band. But today’s guests and employees are going to expect more than traditional entertainment. Yes, you’re still going to want to book the band or DJ. But consider adding additional layers of entertainment to boost your office party experience. Bring in, face painters or temporary tattoo artists. Book the photo booth. Consider magicians and mentalists to dazzle your staff crowds. Book graffiti artists, chamber musicians for the cocktail hour, or cirque-style performers for post-dinner acts. More than one element of entertainment translates into an incredibly great time for everyone, not just those who feel like dancing.

4. Make Dinner Magical 

If you really want to wow your employees and staff at the next corporate event or company party, elevate everything about your food and beverage options. Make dinner magical by providing options that appeal to everyone, including traditional select cuts of meat as well as vegan/vegetarian options. Introduce elegant appetizer services with delectable morsels and waitstaff service. Bring in the espresso baristas instead of just having a static coffee station. And create a signature cocktail that aligns with your event theme. Talk with your catering partners and venue representatives to see how you can elevate every aspect of meal and beverage services.

If your office parties are feeling drab or mediocre, infuse them with these event experiences and make them magical! Or, just call on the event planning team at EMRG Media to handle all the memorable company party planning details for you!