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5 Reasons to Host a Corporate Event for Your Employees This Summer

Your employees and staff might not tell you, but they love company parties. And the summertime is a great season to put together a corporate event to celebrate your teams. There are a host of bottom-line-boosting benefits to having an employee event, too. Today, we’ll share five of those perks to convince you that celebrating your staff pays off in a big way.

1. Social Activities Create Social Bonds

Your employees more than likely see each other every day, but normally within the construct of a working environment. Getting everyone together for fun or as part of a corporate summer event or outing allows them to connect socially. Social activities for your staff will encourage and foster the creation of social bonds. And these connections only strengthen teamwork and collective strengths.

2. Connecting Employees from Across Departments

Company parties are great arenas for connecting staff members who don’t see each other every day. Bring departments together, remote working teams together, and support staff together. Encourage connections between them all and demonstrate the broader company contributions from beyond each employee’s own department or corner of the company.

3. Reward Company Loyalty and Productivity

Summer outings are incredible ways to say “thank you” for company milestones and jobs well done. Reward employees who’ve demonstrated impeccable loyalty or record-breaking productivity. And nothing says “we appreciate what you do” more than a company-sponsored meal, night of entertainment, and summer fun. Celebrate your teams with a party just for them and reinforce how much you value their continued work and service. 

4. Team-Building Activities Strengthen Teams

Corporate events and summer outings can be fun and challenging when you introduce team-building activities. From escape room challenges to scavenger hunts, bring teams together for a little friendly competition. And you’ll find they collaborate and problem-solve together, too. They’ll take those team-building lessons learned back to the office with them and will become a stronger team in the process.

5. Improving Your Company Culture with a Corporate Event

Parties can also be embraced as much-needed breaks from the stresses of the job. And when you host summer outings where employees can relax and enjoy themselves, you demonstrate the value of work-life balance. Encouraging and sponsoring fun in the form of corporate events can be a seasonal and ongoing initiative that boosts morale. You’ll be improving your company culture in a way that helps to retain your top performers but also attracts new applicants, too.

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