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See How Gamification Is Changing Corporate Event Engagement

If you’re in charge of event planning your company’s next corporate event, team-building get-together, or holiday party, don’t forget the games! Gamification is becoming more popular as a method for engaging event attendees and elevating the excitement of corporate events. Moreover, you can see how gamification can boost your corporate event engagement and discover why games deserve a place at every company-related event. Bring your employees together and create fun and energized environments when you introduce the perfect series of games!

Games Demonstrate Teamwork

Gamification of any kind inspires event attendees to work together. And leadership can quickly spot teamwork-related areas of improvement whenever games are introduced into the mix. Games can foster healthy competition, too, which promotes improved productivity among employees. Bring people together who normally don’t see each other in the day-to-day work environment and see how they collaborate and engage!

Games Improve Team-Building

Using gamification in the form of challenges or puzzles is incredible for team-building events. Align departments or mix up your teams and present them with game-related challenges. Additionally, watch as your employees learn how to problem-solve and work together collectively to achieve a common goal!

Games Are More Fun

You can invite your employees to come “hang out” at an event. But it’s just more fun when you bring in games, challenges, and interactive activities. From tabletop games to full-stage game shows, get creative about infusing fun and high-energy engagement into your corporate events.

Games Present Opportunities for Recognition

When you have games at your corporate events, you also have a genius opportunity to showcase your winners. Use gamification as a method for exploring employee recognition. Offer awards for top performers and prizes for the losing teams, too. Demonstrate your company’s appreciation with gaming as your focal point. Make your corporate event or conference about “them” and use games as your motive for recognition and championing.

Get Inspired with These Corporate Event Game Ideas

If you need inspiration about what types of games to incorporate into your company event, check out some of these popular gamification elements to include.

  • Company Olympics
  • Escape Room Challenges
  • Company Family Feud
  • Dance Contests
  • Trivia Games
  • Scavenger Hunts

If you still need help with amplifying your upcoming company event, let EMRG Media be your guide! Our team of event planning experts has decades of experience curating incredible corporate events, product launches, brand conferences, and trade shows. And we know all the best games to make your engagement memorable, engaging, and brilliant! Call us, and let’s start planning your NYC event!