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Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh: family reunion

8 Tips for Planning an Incredible Family Reunion

Take the frustrating hassle, stress, and guesswork out of planning your next family reunion when you follow these official tips and insights from the event planning pros at EMRG Media! We’re here to help make your social events incredible and memorable. And these are the secrets for smooth sailing when planning yours!

1. Get Feedback from Family Members First

Consider starting a social media group or group chat for your family. Post polls and take surveys about family reunion-related preferences, including date and location options. Ask them about what they liked most about the last reunion or maybe what they didn’t like. Inquire about main course meal ideas and ask for suggestions. Once you’ve collected enough insights, you can move forward with reunion planning with your family’s sentiments in mind.

2. Delegating and Recruiting 

You might be volunteering to take charge of the family reunion planning, but you certainly don’t have to go it alone. Start recruiting other family members who want to help and be ready to delegate tasks to others. It’s great for lightening your load. But they likely want to contribute, too. Ask “Bob” if he can oversee the family photo assembly and video presentations. See if “Jan” can help with creating the social media group online. Assigning “Linda” to event themes and decor and then “Anne” to managing invitations and RSVPs means they can help while you focus on other event planning elements.

3. Building a Family Reunion Budget

Planning and hosting any New York event is going to require a budget. And with your family reunion planning, you might be wanting others to pitch in on the party funds. Before you start asking for donations, sit down and create a realistic budget. You’ll need to estimate costs for the venue, meal planning, entertainment, and more. Have a budget outline in place so you can realistically communicate those needs to the family.

4. Back-Up Plans

It’s always best to have family reunion back-up plans where you can lay in options on contingency. Maybe something comes up, and you need to find an alternative venue. Or perhaps another scenario presents itself, and you need to move the reunion to another date altogether. 

5. Booking the Big Stuff

In New York City, the hottest venues and best vendors book months and years in advance. When you’re ready to start booking for your reunion, start with the big stuff first. Secure the venue for your selected date. Book the catering service and the live band. Once the big-ticket services are in place, you move down your list and start coordinating the other event elements.

6. Planning Activities for Everyone

Since this is a family reunion, you know there will be guests of all ages and distinct preferences. When carving out your list of activities, try to plan a little something for everyone. Bring the band for those who love live music and dance. But think of the little ones who might appreciate some face painting or a magician. Get creative with games and friendly competitions, like bags tournaments or trivia. Have something fun for everyone, and everyone will have a blast.

7. Communication Channels 

Yes, most everyone is on social media these days. But not everyone on your family reunion invite list is going to have Facebook or Instagram. Consider creating a series of communication channels to reach everyone on your list about announcements and reunion plans. And it might include a phone tree to connect with some of your older generations.

8. Or, Just Let EMRG Media Handle Everything!

Keep these family reunion planning tips handy as you curate yours this year. And if it’s still overwhelming, just let EMRG Media handle the event planning for you! We have decades of experience planning incredible social and celebratory events in New York City. And we know all the secrets and best practices to make any family reunion an over-the-top success! Let us do the reunion planning for you so you can enjoy the celebration!