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Product Launch Events Need These 5 Things to Be Successful

When your company’s ready to introduce something new to the world, there’s no better way to showcase it than with a live event. More and more brands are turning to product launch events and corporate events because they’re the best arenas for sharing big news, getting products in customers’ hands, and announcing a big idea to market. But before you start planning your company’s product launch event, keep reading. Today, we’ll share the event planning secrets about what your New York event needs to be an over-the-top success.

1. Booking the Event Basics

Start putting together your list of event-planning basics. You’ll need to choose a date, a venue, a catering professional, and event entertainment. Be sure to coordinate registrations, develop an invitation strategy, and cultivate a team of staff to manage your events activities. Here’s a quick and helpful event-planning starter checklist:

  • Date
  • Venue 
  • Catering
  • Beverage Services
  • Entertainment
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Audiovisual Providers
  • Event Designers (Themes)
  • Florists

2. Setting Product Launch Goals 

It’s important to also get serious about developing product launch event goals. If you’re introducing a new product, for example, outline what a successful event might look like. Are you looking to sell your product at the event directly or book pre-orders? Is it more about guests attending or guests subscribing to your company? Before your product launch event can be a success, you’ll need to define that success.

3. Curating the Ultimate Invite List

Spend some quality time with your product launch event’s invite list. Yes, you’ll want potential buying customers. But you’ll also want to invite company vendors, colleagues, and industry partners. Maybe you’ll want to invite existing customers and clients. And if it’s a newsworthy announcement, you’ll want to assemble media representation, too. 

4. Coordinating Activations and Guest Experiences

In addition to traditional event entertainment, like DJ services or a live band, you’ll want to plan for other guest experiences. Coordinate activations involving your new product or service, inviting guests to experience it first-hand. Use brilliant AR and VR technology to make it fun and interactive. Look for ways your guests can experience your brand and new offering, not just attend an event.

5. Let EMRG Media Handle the Product Launch Event Details

If you really want your company’s product launch event to be an overwhelming success, with big media coverage and incredible opt-ins from your market, bring in the experienced event planners at EMRG Media. When you’re ready to start putting together plans for your brand’s product launch or corporate event, don’t go it alone. For your new product or service to reach the most people and for an event that generates the biggest buzz, you need the pros at EMRG Media. Let’s connect and start curating your incredibly successful product launch event!