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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Social Event for Friends & Family

It’s time to celebrate! Whether it’s a retirement party, a milestone birthday, an anniversary celebration, an engagement announcement, or a mitzvah, social events are great ways to gather loved ones to commemorate the occasion. But if you’re charged with planning that social event, there are some things to know and especially some mistakes to avoid. Get your event-planning notebook out and jot down some of these insights to ensure you don’t make these common mistakes. If you need this celebration to be memorable, exciting, and seamless, don’t make these three pivotal errors in your planning efforts.

Mistake #1: Don’t Book without Seeing & Sampling

Event planning takes time and careful consideration at every stage. And while you might be tempted to book an event service based on recommendations or reviews alone, don’t do it. Before you book anything, see it, vet it, and sample it. This means taking a tour of the venue to experience it before booking it. It means sampling the menu selections before booking the catering service. And it means interviewing the DJ service, florist, photographer, or entertainment to make sure these pros have the experience you need for your social event.

Mistake #2: Don’t Forget to Customize Your Event Experience

After you’ve successfully booked the pillar elements of your social event, take the next step to customize the guest experience. In other words, booking a live band isn’t going to be enough entertainment. This is especially true if your event anticipates children in attendance. In those instances, you might want to bring in kid-friendly entertainment elements. Also, choosing your catering menu might offers customization, too. Provide customization options for the different dietary needs of your guests, including vegan or vegetarian fare. Every opportunity you have to create a customized experience or option will ensure all your social event guests have a great time.

Mistake #3: Don’t Curate Any Event without Professional Help

You might assume that because you’re inviting friends and family to your social event, you can handle the details. But if you want your celebration to be exciting, seamless, and perfect, you’re going to need to bring in an expert event planner to manage every detail. Event planning pros, like the team at EMRG Media, have decades of experience curating incredible and memorable events. Let our team take the reins with yours!

Whatever you’re celebrating, make sure it’s an amazing and memorable New York event with EMRG Media handling all the event-planning details! Let’s connect and start curating!