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Explore How VIP Experiences Can Elevate Your Charity Event

Whether you’re looking to plan a New York City charity event, local fundraising gala, or corporate event, there’s one element you need that many often overlook. VIP experiences are incredible tools, especially when it comes to boosting attendance, invigorating engagements, and elevating your event’s overall aesthetics. Today, we’ll share the incredible benefits of creating VIP experiences at your events, along with inspiration for impressing those VIPs.

VIP Experiences Provide High-Value Options

One of the most proven sales techniques is the concept of providing options instead of a “yes or no” engagement. You can use VIP extras as a method to tap into this technique for your New York event, too. Instead of providing potential guests with a “yes, I will attend” or “no, I will not be attending” decision, you can create layers of different event experiences. This allows invited guests to choose between a general guest experience or a VIP-related experience. And it will increase the bottom-line attendance results.

VIP Event Experiences Can Attract High-Profile Guests

When you create VIP experiences with your New York event, you can attract some pretty VIP guests. The idea of supporting a good cause or participating in an industry-supported event is more attractive to celebrities and big-name guests when there are exclusive perks, private dinners, and VIP privileges. 

VIP Experiences Will Generate More Revenue & Donations

When you include VIP access and upscale experiences, you can charge more. If a general invitation costs $100, you can lay in a slew of additional VIP perks and extras and charge $1,000 for VIP. And when you’re hosting a charity event or fundraising gala, those additional funds can contribute significantly to your overall goal. Additionally, some of your guests may choose to pay more for VIP options just to contribute extra to the cause.

VIP Event Experiences Bring Elegant Aesthetics

Another key benefit of VIP experiences at your New York events involves the overall aesthetics. When you create VIP moments, you essentially bring in luxury elements, posh touch points, and exclusive access. These red-carpet-level treatments introduce elegant aspects to your event. And all of these extras will elevate the guest experience, even for those who aren’t participating as VIPs.

What to Include with Your VIP Event Experience

Make those VIP event tickets more enticing by laying in incredibly exclusive and upscale extras for those who purchase. Here are VIP ideas for inspiration that you can use at your next corporate or charity event.

  • Exclusive VIP Seating
  • Exclusive VIP Dinner
  • Exclusive Access to VIP Lounges
  • Exclusive After-Party Access
  • Exclusive VIP Swag
  • Exclusive Meet & Greets with Entertainers
  • Exclusive Cocktail Party Access

When you’re ready to start planning your New York City charity event, corporate conference, or fundraising gala, don’t forget to create incredible VIP experiences! And if you want to really impress your guests and have the best turnout, bring in the EMRG Media team of event planning pros to handle all the event planning details! We specialize in high-profile, larger-than-life event experiences. And we know all the best techniques, including those VIP-related experiences.