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Rebranding Your Business? 5 Reasons to Host a Launch Event with Your New Image

It’s not uncommon for today’s businesses to reimagine their brands and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. You might be rebranding because of a new marketing strategy, a new position in your industry, or as a result of new management. Whatever is motivating your company to rebrand, you’re also faced with getting the word out about your new image. And event marketing in New York is a great way to put a megaphone to your rebranding announcement. Explore a few of the many advantages hosting a New York event can achieve for your company, especially if you’re rebranding.

1. Events Draw More Press Attention

Whether you’re hosting a red-carpet celebratory event or initiating an experiential activation around your rebrand, prepare to enjoy added press and media attention. You can offer press releases, for example, leading up to your rebranding event. And share the “news” across all your media channels, including social media, website, and via email. Build a library of exciting interviews with company leaders. Showcase reels and videos of your new company image. And squeeze every last drop of publicity out of the event in support of your announcement.

2. Events Build Excitement Around the Rebranding

When companies rebrand, consumers can sometimes get the wrong impression, not understanding the motives behind the change. Speculation ensues and can sometimes lead to an unfavorable brand reputation. To avoid these scenarios, host a rebranding event to build excitement around your new image. Take charge of your rebranding narrative and build positivity around the change. Your customers and industry will recognize the new look as a celebration of company growth.

3. Get Community Support by Hosting an Event

Introduce your new company brand image within your community and garner support from colleagues, businesses, and leaders in your own backyard. Celebrate your rebranding with an event, much like a grand opening or ribbon-cutting ceremony, and build local community support. Gain support and additional word-of-mouth publicity by inviting local supporters.

4. Attract More Customers

Rebranding won’t necessarily drive more customer traffic or buyers. But hosting an over-the-top celebratory event or experiential activation can get your target audience buzzing again. The rebranding event gives you an arsenal of fresh marketing material, allowing you to re-engage your customer base. And hosting an event can shake loose new customers, resulting in immediate conversions and boosted funnels.

5. Generate More Business Opportunities

If your rebranding signifies a new direction for your company or a new offering, you’ll be in the market to develop new business opportunities and partnerships. Hosting an event to announce your rebrand presents a unique opportunity to reach out to prospective partners and develop new strategic relationships.

If you’re rebranding, consider event marketing as your best promotional tool to get the word out and foster support. And contact us at EMRG Media to help you curate your corporate event! We have decades of event marketing experience for businesses launching new products, celebrating milestones, and rebranding. Let our team of expert planners help you make the absolute most of this change and unique opportunity to promote your new image and brand!