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How Hybrid Events Are Connecting Company Employees from Around the Globe

As a business leader or manager, you know the makeup of your teams and employees has changed over the last few years. If you’re like most companies, your employee roster consists of several employee types, including full-time, part-time, salaried, hourly, contracted, freelance, remote, and temporary. With such a diverse workforce, you might also be wondering how you can bring all your team members together for team building, meetings, and company celebrations. Today’s small and enterprise businesses alike are tapping into the power of hybrid events as a method of connecting and team-building with their diverse staff. Here’s how hybrid events can work for your company, connecting all your employees wherever and however they report to work!

What Are Hybrid Events?

During the pandemic, it sure seemed like everyone was “calling” into work remotely. And now, companies are still tapping into the many benefits of virtual connectivity to improve company productivity and culture. You might have entire workforces of individuals who never set foot in your office or onsite. But with all these zoom-working benefits came the next challenge. How can companies build team confidence, improve employee engagement, and solidify loyalty when everyone is scattered across the country?

Hybrid events became and still continue to be the best way forward.

Hybrid events are a combination of those educational and celebratory in-person events and the online connection with another remote audience at the same time. It’s like bringing the screen and remote guests into the in-person party. Using streaming or live virtual technology, companies are inviting remote guests to in-person events, conferences, and meetings. Employees join in the fun and get to participate in company demonstrations, training, entertainment, and more. Online participants have a slightly different experience than in-person event employees. But they’re equally included, helping companies like yours keep teams connected and engaged.

How Hybrid Events Can Engage and Connect Your Teams

So, continue scheduling those regular, annual, or seasonal company meetings, holiday parties, industry conferences, and team-building activities. Just be sure to include a hybrid event element with virtual event platform options so everyone can participate! And with virtual event technology at your live event, you can expect to leverage these key benefits in connecting your teams.

  • Increase attendance capability with additional online attendees.
  • Reduce costs without sacrificing remote team member participation.
  • Improve employee engagement regardless of their location.
  • Build confidence and unity among remote team members.
  • Enjoy an eco-friendly method of connecting virtual employees.
  • Boost company loyalty and inclusivity when everyone attends.

Employees who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend can join in as virtual participants and feel like they’re just as valued as those who arrive in person.

Let EMRG Media Plan Your Hybrid, Virtual Events and More!

You might have all the experience in the world coordinating your own company event or team-building activities. But if you need help elevating those business-related engagements to include virtual and hybrid event connectivity, EMRG Media can help! Contact us and learn how to seamlessly curate New York conferences, company events, product launches, industry trade shows, and even team-building parties or holiday celebrations. We can help you keep your entire team engaged throughout the event, in turn boosting your employees’ experiences.