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Incredible Entertainment Options for Your Fundraising Gala

Event entertainment is a major component, regardless of the event type you’re planning. But if you happen to be organizing a fundraising event or charity gala, event entertainment is a make-or-break element. Because you’re looking to raise money for a good cause, every aspect of your fundraiser needs to have entertainment value. Keep reading – today, we’ll share inspirational ways to introduce entertainment to every facet of your gala, guaranteed to keep guests entertained and the donations or contributions flowing!

Main Stage Entertainment Ideas

Outside of the venue and meal service, your fundraiser’s main stage entertainment is one of the most important. Explore your options for top talent, performers, and keynote speakers who can attract and excite your gala audience. Here are some entertainment ideas that are proven to bring big entertainment value and engaging event results.

  • Live Bands
  • Thrilling DJs
  • Celebrity Guests
  • High-Profile Keynote Speakers
  • Comedians
  • Magicians & Mentalists
  • Circus Performers
  • Roasts
  • Auctions

Experiential Activations

Experiential activations are incredible for infusing any fundraising event with hands-on, exciting entertainment. In addition to any main stage entertainers you bring to your charity gala, consider curating these booths, exhibits, games, and secondary engaging elements to keep guests entertained throughout the event. Explore ways to include your event guests in the fun and excitement.

  • Karaoke Corner
  • AR & VR Activities
  • Trivia Games
  • Escape Room Activities
  • Other Interactive Games
  • Talent Shows
  • Fashion Shows
  • Art Exhibits 

Other Entertainment Value

When planning your New York fundraising event, look for ways to introduce entertainment value outside of the traditional methods. Look to your vendors to help bring entertaining and engaging experiences. And remember, any aspect of your charity can technically be fun and exciting.

  • Talented Mixologists Assembling Signature Drinks
  • Artistic Baristas Serving Beautiful & Tasty Coffees
  • Chefs Delivering Performances & Delicious Meals
  • Throwable Microphones & Other Interactive Tech
  • Photo & Video Booths
  • Dance Contests
  • Iconic Guest Gifts & Swag

Let EMRG Media Help!

The better the entertainment value at your fundraising event, the more engaging and successful it will be. And if you need help assembling the best, let EMRG Media help! From brilliant experiential activities to wrangling celebrity guests, our team has all the insights and connections your gala needs to be stunning! We’ve been helping organizations and nonprofits create memorable and engaging fundraisers for years! Contact our team and let our expert charity event planners take the reins on all the event details to ensure your New York fundraiser is a complete success!