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5 Fully-Immersive Themes for Your Next Social Event or Celebration

When you’re looking to plan an event of any kind, whether it’s a corporate product launch event or a social celebration like a bar/bat mitzvah, you need to include entertainment and engaging elements. And with the onset of incredible technologies and innovations, today’s events are transforming into fully immersive experiences. So, how can you bring that fully immersive experience to your event? And where can you get inspiration for event themes, activities, and designs that truly wow your guests? Right here! 

What Is a Truly Immersive Experience?

Let’s first define what it means to create immersive experiences. In general, there are two types – physical experiences and virtual experiences that simulate physical encounters. In other words, anything that creates a feeling of environmental inclusion, in real life or virtually, is considered fully immersive. 

When you’re planning an event, you can look to incorporate elements of the event experience that include these real-life or simulated encounters. Think interactive activities, physical and sensory experiences, and virtual reality innovations to transport participants to something that feels real. And to know what elements to include with your event, you can always start by choosing a fully immersive theme.

‘Avatar’ Parties

With the recent release of the blockbuster movie, Avatar, consider creating a full immersion experience for your event with an Avatar theme. You can create Pandora-inspired designs and decors throughout, from the invitations to “blue” specialty drinks and more. Incorporate looks of bioluminescent jungle aesthetics. Invite guests to dress up or wear NaVi masks. And introduce activity areas with AR and VR games related to the movie magic. 

Escape Room Adventures

Another popular trend for event activities includes escape rooms. These are great elements for company outings, team-building events, and corporate engagements, especially when you’re looking to bring in problem-solving interactions. Consider escape room-related themes and immersive experiences, inviting participants to try and “escape” a challenge or solve a puzzle.

‘Back to the Future’ Events

Think 80s music, hoverboards, and bring in a DeLorean for your next event when you go with an immersive Back to the Future theme! Incorporate flux capacitors and transform your dance floor into an “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance. Make it even more immersive by incorporating temporary tattoo artists, caricaturists, and airbrush artists to create memorable 80s-meets-the-future experiences.

Welcome to the Jungle

Many of today’s corporate events, conferences, and even social celebrations help to raise awareness and money for environmental causes. If you plan to do something similar for your event, consider creating a fully immersive experience with jungle or nature-related themes and activities. Save the rainforests and invite guests to use VR to explore the Amazon. Create AV displays and surround guests with cawing birds or stunning landscapes. Transform your entire space or just small interactive segments into a jungle or environmentally stunning experiences.

Cirque du Soleil 

Don’t just incorporate stage entertainment for your next New York event. Make it a fully immersive Cirque du Soleil style! Get inspired and start browsing incredible acts and stunning performers who involve and interact with your guests. Brilliant designs, music, and choreography can elevate any event experience. 

Make It Spectacular with EMRG Media

Are you inspired yet? Bring interactive elements and engaging activities to your events. Start by choosing themes that help you elevate your guest experiences. And if you’re still overwhelmed but faced with the task of coordinating a corporate event, conference, charity fundraiser, bar/bat mitzvah, family reunion, or milestone birthday party, let EMRG Media help! 

Contact our event planning team of pros to elevate your next New York event and curate fully immersive experiences your guests will be talking about for ages!