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Product Launch Event Mistakes to Avoid

You’re charged with organizing and coordinating your company’s product launch event in New York City. And your to-do list seems to be a mile long. Even if you’ve planned product launches or company conferences before, doing so now requires a new playbook. If you need this event to be an overwhelming success with guests, colleagues, clients, and your company, these are the product launch mistakes to avoid.

Assuming Your Innovating Product or Activation Is Enough

Whatever product or innovation you have to showcase, don’t presume it’s enough to wow and entertain your event guests. Yes, portions of your product launch event will be dedicated to sharing the excitement of your new offering. But the New York event or conference itself needs to have additional layers of entertainment, interactive elements, and energizing engagement. So, book the live band, bring in the photo booth, and hire high-profile mixologists. The more engaging your event is, the more successful your product launch initiatives will be.

Failing to Market the Product Launch the Right Way

Much of your company’s marketing efforts will support the introduction and subsequent launch of your new product or service. But when you’re planning a product launch event, you’ll need a separate strategy for marketing the event specifically. This might include email marketing campaigns, teaser advertising on social media, and press releases with local media. Create a unique marketing strategy to generate buzz and excitement about your event, in addition to the anticipation of your product. 

You Don’t Create a Value Proposition and Story Around the Product Launch Event

Your particular market might already be hungry for this new product or service you have to offer. But there’s nothing necessarily enticing them to be at the introductory event you’re planning unless you create a brilliant story and value proposition. Make guests feel like they can’t afford to miss the event, maybe with FOMO campaigns or event-related incentives. Boost messaging about activations and sampling they’ll only gain access to by attending. Tell the origin stories behind your innovation and introduce key members of your team who will be speaking or meeting with guests. 

Not Hiring the Event Planner for Your Product Launch

One of the biggest mistakes you can avoid making with your product launch is trying to plan it internally. Leave the event planning portion of your product launch to the professionals. When you work with the team at EMRG Media, you have an expert group with decades of planning experience. We can handle all the details surrounding your product launch event, including marketing initiatives, venue selection, vendor booking, and attendee engagement. And we know all the latest trends and have all the processes in place to execute your product launch event seamlessly.

Avoid these product launch event mistakes, and be sure to call us at EMRG Media to make it an outstanding event success.