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How to Find & Book the Best Entertainment for Your Corporate Event

When it comes to planning a stand-out corporate event, you know there are certain elements that have to be fantastic. For example, you can’t cut corners on food service. And you certainly can’t take a chance on booking the not-so-perfect venue. But don’t overlook entertainment. Choosing the wrong entertainment for your corporate event or company conference could be disastrous if you’re not careful. And today, we’ll share insights to help you identify and book the absolute best-fit entertainment every time.

Book Entertainment That Supports Your Company Values

Don’t just book any entertainment, be selective about choosing engaging and delightful entertainment options that speak to your company brand, image, and event themes. For example, if you’re hosting a formal, red-carpet affair, you’ll want elegant and classy performers. Similarly, if you’re hosting an interactive product launch event, you’ll want more upbeat and heart-pumping entertainers. If your company image represents eco-friendly sustainability, you’ll want to choose event entertainment that equally supports that reputation. 

Choose Performers with a Proven Track Record

Take the time needed to properly vet every potential entertainment option. Inquire about backup and contingency planning. Ask speakers, DJs, and bands for references from similar events they’ve worked on in the past. Your corporate event is not the time to try something unproven nor the place for novice entertainers to make their debuts. 

Select Guest Speakers Who Enlighten Guests

Another consideration for your corporate event entertainment might include guest speakers. But be mindful of choosing those who can bring value to your guests. Entertaining speakers who have an energetic stage presence and valuable insights will be most engaging. So, look to find those who can speak about topics relevant to your conference with impeccable delivery ability. Be open, too, to considering speakers who might not be traditional business speakers. You can introduce enlightening value with great leadership speakers or career relationship-building speakers, too. And as an added tip, any opportunity you have to bring in a celebrity guest speaker – do it.

Interactive Wins Every Time

Today’s corporate events, regardless of the theme, are becoming more diverse and interactive. There are cocktail hours and networking lounges. There might be escape room activities or artist baristas serving up espresso. Look for ways to introduce entertaining or interactive elements everywhere you can. Your event guests will, in turn, rarely become bored. And there will always be something impressive and entertaining to experience.

Be Creative with Your Entertainment

Break free of the mundane, vanilla corporate event experience by breaking the mold with entertainment options. Go beyond a traditional dance floor experience, for example, and have a brilliant DJ stage a dance competition. Don’t just welcome speakers to the stage when you can bring up mesmerizing magicians or mentalists. Get the crowd laughing with a comedic performance. Bring in the temporary tattoo artists to design fun tats on willing participants. 

When you’re planning your company conference, product launch, brand event, or corporate celebration, pay special attention to the entertainment value. And remember, instead of trying to figure out the best entertainment, you can always call on EMRG Media to be your New York event planner!