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Escape Rooms, Dance Parties & Magicians Are Great for Team Meetings!

Calling all company leaders, business owners, human resources managers, and department supervisors! If you’re looking for fun new ways to infuse your staff with energy and purpose, consider hosting some team-building events and company meetings with these incredible entertainment options. From the relaxing vibes to the competitive nature and team-building event activities, escape rooms, dance parties, and magicians are all great ways to reward and reinvigorate your teams!

Escape Rooms & Team Challenges

Nothing inspires employee teamwork quite like a group problem-solving activity. And escape rooms continue to be all the rage among friends, colleagues, and co-workers. Designed to force collaboration and communication, these fun and exciting games are great ways for team members to develop co-working skills in a social environment. And the lessons learned in the escape room will become tools they take back to the workplace.

Dance Parties Have Tons of Team Benefits

Sometimes what your employees really need is a reason to let their hair down and have a little fun. And dancing can be a healthy way to release stress and promote team networking. Dance parties, complete with high-energy DJs, inspire people to relax and energize at the same time. And the inherent nature of dance and rhythm can be great exercises for overburdened staff who need some healthy release. Other benefits of dance parties include boosted self-esteem, increased movement, and trust-building socializing.

Magicians and Mentalists Who Bring Wow Factor

Consider hosting a team meeting or team-building event that inspires with the brilliant use of magic! Today’s magicians and mentalists, whether professional or street-level entertainers, can be just the dazzling wow factor your teams need to take their minds off day-to-day stresses. A well-orchestrated performance in magic or mentalism is wildly entertaining. But it also helps to create a common bond among those who participate in the audience. Dazzle them with awesome displays of “how’d they do that” and watch your teams connect to talk about the experience for weeks to come!

If you’re searching for fun and engaging elements to promote your company’s culture, consider the many benefits of a team-building event with these types of activities. And when you’re ready to plan that company outing or corporate meeting, let EMRG Media be your guide! With decades of experience planning company events, including product launches, conferences, trade shows, corporate meetings, and, yes, team-building events, we know all the best activities to include to make them an over-the-top success!