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Planning a Surprise Party in New York? 6 Reasons to Hire the Event Planner

Whether it’s for a beloved family member or a lifelong friend, surprise parties can be magical. But if you’re planning a surprise celebration in New York City, prepare to be overwhelmed. For starters, there are hundreds of venue options from which to choose. Then you’ll have to deal with other vendors, like entertainment, catering, and decorations. Instead of all the hassle, why don’t you hire a top event planner for your New York surprise party? Here are even more reasons why you should bring in the pros to handle every magical detail.

1. NYC Event Planners Know All the Best Venues

There are so many great venue options in NYC it’s going to be tough to choose. But NY event planners, with decades of experience hosting social events at many of these locations, will be able to help you weed through and narrow down the best-fit backdrop for your surprise party. From indoor experience to rooftop bars and outdoor hotspots, working with an event pro means taking the guesswork out of booking the best venue.

2. NYC Event Planners Have Working Relationships with Vendors

Even if you manage to choose the right NY venue on your own, you still need to organize all the other vendors needed for your surprise party. You’ll need to find the right caterer and sample food. You’ll need to book a band or DJ service. Maybe you need rental partners for tents or chairs. And if you’re not sure where to even begin, hiring the event planner can solve all your vendor-related problems. Because NY event planners host thousands of events, they have working relationships with the best event products and services. Let an event pro coordinate all the right vendors to make your surprise party a success.

3. NYC Event Planners Can Bring in the Celebrities

If you’re looking to roll out the red carpet for your surprise party, you’ll be brainstorming for BIG elements to include in your celebration. And nothing elevates a social event more than a celebrity guest appearance or performance. But most people don’t have the connections needed to invite celebrities, let alone get them to show. But a professional event planner, like EMRG Media, has working relationships with all the right people needed to connect with brilliant, well-known performers and notable celebrities. Hire the event pros and turn your backyard surprise party into a full-blown, Insta-worthy, and red-carpet celebration!

4. NYC Event Planners Know All the Latest Trends

If it’s been a while since you’ve actually planned a party, you might be a little out of touch with the latest party-planning trends. And despite your best efforts, you might miss out on incorporating a key element. If you work with a NY event planner, however, you’re harnessing the expertise and knowledge of top-notch pros who know ALL the best secrets and latest trends that make parties over-the-top exciting. From brilliant photo/video booth technology to custom espresso bars, let the bros help you bring all the coolest and most exciting event ideas to the surprise party.

5. NYC Event Planners Do All the Heavy Lifting

Ok, so even if you have all the surprise party planning details under control, there’s another reason to bring in the event planning pros. The surprise party isn’t necessarily for you, but you still want to have fun and enjoy yourself, right? If you’re in charge of planning, you’re going to be saddled with responsibilities throughout the celebration. You’ll have vendors asking questions, last-minute changes to contend with, and payments to handle. Or, you could hire the event planner and let them handle all the worry and hassles of keeping the party on track, so you can kick back and celebrate with your guest of honor.

6. Let EMRG Media Curate Your NY Surprise Party

If you’re looking to plan a surprise party in New York City, there’s only one event planning pro to call – EMRG Media. Our team has been curating magical and incredible events in NYC for decades. We can help you plan the most surprising, most memorable, and most talked-about surprise party ever! 

Connect with our team and tell us about your big ideas. We’ll take care of the rest and make it incredible!