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Boost Staff Productivity with a Fun Team Night Out in NYC

Are you a company leader or Human Resources manager looking for new ways to infuse a little team-building fun into your workplace culture? Today’s employees are more productive and feel rewarded when employers take the necessary steps to incorporate R&R. And if you’re in New York City, you have a slew of team-building options to consider. Here are some brilliant NYC ideas for events and team-building.

Book a Museum Tour for Your Teams

Bring some culture to your company environment by booking museum tours for your staff. There are a host of educational and inspirational museum experiences throughout New York, including the Met and American Museum of Natural History. And they offer “museum hacks” specifically designed for team-building activities. Inquire about creating fun and competitive challenges, including charades, ice-breakers, and games.

Get Out of Some New York Escape Rooms

Nothing is more thrilling than being cooped up in a puzzle room with your closest work colleagues, racing against the clock to solve the riddles and escape. And you can take your company’s team-building efforts to the next level when you visit some of these NYC escape room adventures!

  • Escape the Room
  • Clue Chase
  • Beat the Bomb, Brooklyn
  • Exit Escape Room NYC
  • BrainXcape Escape Room NYC
  • The Escape Game NYC
  • Escape Room Madness
  • Komnata Quest Brooklyn
  • Peddlers and Parchments Escape Room

Make a Pizza on the Lower East Side

Nothing brings a team together quite like food. And when you’re in New York, there’s only one food the group can agree on – New York-style pizza. So, schedule a staff day out at Pizza School NYC, where teams can make their own pies and have a great time in the kitchen. Maybe even cook up some friendly competition where the team leaders and managers get judged on their pizza creations!

Take a Brew and Distillery Tour

There are plenty of historical breweries and distillery tours throughout NYC. And booking a day to sample, relax, and learn about some of the area’s tastiest beverages might be just what your employees need to recharge. City Brew Tours is a great way to get everyone together for a private group tour through Queens and Brooklyn to see some educational behind-the-scenes action. Check out some of these iconic hotspots:

  • Circa Brewing Co.
  • Five Boroughs Brewing
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Big Alice Brewing
  • 18th Ward Brewing
  • IconNYC Brewing Company
  • Rockaway Brewing Co.
  • Wild East Brewing Co.

Get Your Jump On for Team-Building Fun

If your company employees need to release a little frustration and do something more physical, assemble the group and head to the trampoline park! Get your jump on at Fly High, for example, NYC’s first indoor trampoline park, perfect for groups. There’s a main court, a flying foam pit, a bungee slingshot, and a dunk zone – perfect for employees who need to get their heads out of their work for a little exercise and high-energy, bouncing fun.

If you’re looking for better ways to improve your company’s culture, consider some team-building fun! And if you need help curating these corporate events, rely on EMRG Media, New York City’s leading event planning team!