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Benefits of Creating a Fundraising App for Your Charity Event

If you have a fundraiser to plan, your to-do list is pretty lengthy. And your overall goals usually include boosting awareness about your charity, spreading the word about your event, enticing guests to come, and, of course, bringing in donations. One of the event-planning tools you should be using to help you with all of the above is a dedicated fundraising app. Today, we’ll share why every charity gala or New York fundraising event should have one.

Event Apps Boost Attendee Engagement

Event apps are game-changers for fundraiser events because they allow event organizers to connect and engage digitally and directly with their invite lists and supporters. Use your event’s app to send reminders and share gala itineraries. Moreover, you can reach everyone immediately should there be announcements or changes to the event itself. The more opportunities you have to directly engage and connect with your attendees, the more likely they are to come to your event and donate as a supporter. And with the easy-to-use nature of an app, everyone will be eager to participate.

Fundraising Apps Help Promote the Event and the Cause

Having a dedicated event app for your New York gala or charity event is also a great method for promoting your nonprofit organization or event cause. For example, share the app with the public and among your media contacts for even more exposure about your event, your efforts, and your fundraising goals. 

Use an App to Secure More Charity Event Sponsors

Develop an app for your fundraiser and then tap into it as a primary channel for securing event sponsors. Reach out to your networks and share opportunities to sponsor tables, cocktails, entertainment, or other event elements. Companies and brands that might not otherwise attend are still willing to contribute to your event and cause. Additionally, the dedicated fundraising app will help you boost the word about those sponsorship opportunities.

Apps Can Simplify Ticket Sales and Check-Ins

Fundraising event apps are functional, too. Develop yours with built-in features that allow participants to purchase tickets, view the venue, browse an auction list, or even check in digitally. Simplify the process for them and you with a brilliantly set-up event app!

As you plan your next New York City fundraising event, be sure to include a dedicated app in your process. And if you need help, with apps and all the other elements that go into curating a stunning and successful charity gala, rely on the event planning team of pros at EMRG Media!