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4 Reasons to Start Planning Your Company Holiday Party Now

It’s summertime. And you’re planning company time off, taking vacations, and likely enjoying some time on the golf course. But what you’re overlooking is planning efforts for this year’s company holiday party. Sure, celebrating the holiday season isn’t a priority in July. However, booking all the best venues, catering, and event entertainment has to happen now if you expect to have an incredible office party this December. See all the reasons why you need to be planning your company’s holiday party RIGHT NOW. And then, let EMRG Media help you with all the event planning details.

1. The Hottest New York City Venues Book Fast

Whether you’re planning an intimate office party for a small roster of staff or a massive, fully-immersive holiday party event for thousands of employees, you’re going to want the perfect, best-fit venue. And in New York City, the hottest venues are in high demand. They book up fast, especially when you think of all the companies and individuals who are trying to plan similar holiday-related celebrations. Make July the month you start locking in your company’s holiday party venue, and check the most important box off your event planning to-do list.

2. The Best Event Services Book Months In Advance

Aside from the holiday party venue, you’re going to need to also book your other event services. Remember, you’re not the only one looking for photo booths, catering services, photographers, entertainment, and DJs. So, if you want to avoid roadblocks later in the year, when you realize the best event services are already booked for the date you want, book them now. Avoid the stress and hassles of chasing down event vendors in November by booking them now in June and July.

3. Planning Now Means Having Time to Get Creative

Planning any event of any size and caliber is going to take time. And when you take a proactive approach to coordinating your company’s holiday party, you give yourself time to get creative with designs, themes, and aesthetics. Start planning now and get your teams involved with surveys asking what they’d like to see at this year’s office party. And when you’re not rushed, you’ll find you have better ideas that make these corporate celebrations more exciting and memorable. Use the extra time to order new, customized swag, design company award presentations, and create brilliant event experiences your employees will love.

4. Lay In the Best Event Elements Now, Manage Details Later

Don’t feel pressured to account for every event planning detail right now. But take the necessary steps to put together the big holiday party essentials today. You can then create a list of additional details to add and consider as your holiday party date gets closer.

Start planning your holiday party this summer so you don’t have rushed pressures and roadblocks to contend with later. And give us a call at EMRG Media to help with all the holiday party planning. We can take the reins and get all your office party details in order. So you can get back to the golf course in no time.