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Planning a Corporate Meeting? 5 Ways to Wow Your Colleagues

Whether you’re preparing to host a corporate meeting for prospective clients or need to plan a corporate event to celebrate your colleagues, you’re going to need wow factor to make a memorable event impression. And for the most engaging, productive, and exciting corporate meetings, these are the must-have methods for bringing your A-game. Delight, entertain, and dazzle your colleagues and guests with these proven event-planning strategies.

1. Organized Flow and Timing

A great corporate meeting starts with impeccable planning and organization. Be diligent when creating your event timeline, precisely allocating enough time for guests to arrive. Allow a flow for registration, grabbing a drink, or settling in for the meeting or presentation. Keep the presentations tight, introducing breaks throughout. And when your corporate meeting flows seamlessly with every detail organized, your guests will recognize and appreciate your planning efforts.

2. Brilliant Use of Audiovisual

Don’t just assemble your corporate guests in a room. Transform your venue space and presentation experience with brilliant audiovisual aesthetics. The sound must be crisp so presentations are heard. Lighting can set the mood for the event, allowing guests to relax and get comfortable. And with stunning LED panels and visual effects, you can turn a yawn-worthy company meeting into a fully immersive experience.

3. Pack the Event with Entertainment Value

Your company meeting may be centered around work-related topics and presentations. But if you make your event all about work, your guests won’t enjoy themselves. Remember that you’re planning an event that should have elements of entertainment value throughout to be the most effective, productive, and memorable. And even if your corporate meeting isn’t conducive for traditional entertainment like a dance floor and DJ service, you can still infuse it with plenty of entertainment value. Opening parties, for example, with music and mingling, can be great ice-breaking entertainment. Consider other performers, like magicians, mentalists, or artists, to complement your event, too. 

4. Impress with Catering and Beverages

Don’t let your corporate meeting colleagues and guests go hungry or thirsty. But look to elevate the food and beverage experience with more upscale options and creative services. For example, curate an elevated appetizer service when guests first arrive. Consider espresso bars and dessert stations, in addition to a traditional meal service or buffet line. And if there is more networking involved with your corporate event or meeting, get guests mingling with a high-energy cocktail hour and signature drinks.

5. Stunning Branded Effects Throughout the Corporate Meeting

There should never be any doubt in your guests’ minds that they’re attending an event sponsored by your company. Infuse your corporate meeting with branded effects, including signage, LED panels, and take-home swag. Everyone will leave remembering your brand as the driving force behind their incredible event experience. 

Don’t just coordinate a corporate meeting when you can leverage these insights to curate a memorable corporate event! And when you need help planning these revolutionary event experiences, there’s only one team to call – EMRG Media! We have decades of event-planning experience, representing countless national and global brands and curating incredible New York event experiences. Let us handle all the details when planning a corporate meeting, industry conference, product launch, or company party!

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