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What to Know Before Planning an Outdoor Event This Summer

Have an outdoor event to plan yet this summer? Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, outdoor events in New York City are stunning. But there are a few things to know and insights to consider when planning your outdoor event. Don’t book another thing until you run through this list of suggestions and recommendations.

New York Rooftop Venues Are Great

Ideally, you’ll envision your company party or social event taking place in the warm glow of the New York sun. But mother nature doesn’t always cooperate with event plans. And that’s why rooftop venues are a great option for hosting your celebrations. Enjoy the great outdoors as the weather permits. But reserve indoor space and move the party inside should the storm clouds move in on your party.

Contingency Planning for Everything

Any event you plan is going to call for contingencies. You’ll need to have a rough roadmap should you encounter hiccups, like staff shortages, because people have called off or not shown. You don’t want to be caught off guard if your entertainment calls in sick, either. But when you’re hosting an outdoor event, there are other contingencies to consider, as well. Of course, you’ll need to plan for weather concerns with indoor options or tents. But there are other outdoor-event-related challenges to prepare for and have on your radar. 

  • Safeguarding your food and beverage stations from direct sun or insects.
  • Coordinate eco-friendly methods for warding off summer mosquitoes.
  • First aid kits and safety precautions relating to any outdoor activities, grills, firepits, or proximity to water.

Outdoor Accommodations You Might Forget to Coordinate

You have your event planning to-do list ready with your checklists of things to do, tasks to manage, and vendors to book. But when you’re planning an outdoor event, there are certain accommodations you might be overlooking. Here’s a shortlist as a reminder:

  • Portable or additional outdoor bathroom facilities
  • Outdoor heaters for cool nights
  • Outdoor misting stations or fans for hot afternoons
  • Additional seating for outdoor mingling guests
  • Artificial shade or canvases to prevent guests from overheating
  • Additional receptacles for trash and recycling

Outdoor Lighting Considerations

Be mindful of the timing and duration of your outdoor event. Things may kick off in the brilliant afternoon sunlight. But if your event intends to go well into the evening hours, you’re going to need to have accommodations for proper lighting. When your event is indoors, it’s quick and easy to dim or brighten your lights. But outdoor lighting is going to call for more comprehensive lighting solutions with ample power supply. Make sure there’s enough light to guide guests safely throughout the event. And have backup power ready so your party isn’t left in the dark.

Outdoor events, especially in the summer, are incredibly fun and can be brilliant for company celebrations, office parties, corporate events, and social gatherings. But when you’re planning a get-together outdoors, keep this list of considerations in mind. And if you want it to truly be a magical and memorable event, call EMRG Media to handle all the event planning details for you!