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5 Mouthwatering Dessert Station Ideas

Dessert Buffet

Event Planners in New York tend to stay on top of all event trends, including edible trends. They get a little innovative with your food displays to generate an inspirational feeling for your invitees and incorporate the theme of your event into the food. Dessert stations add a classic feel in a room and experienced planners know how to satisfy guests. It also creates a lasting memory in the minds of the attendees.

Below are some innovative, delicious dessert stations that you can try for upcoming events. Working with Event Planners in New York that are well-versed in all things edible is what clients look for nowadays. So, if you haven’t done so already, embrace the art that is food.

Chocolate Fountain

The Drizzling Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain allows your guests to sample a variety of chocolate flavors alongside their favorite fruit treats. The flowing chocolate is also an excellent centerpiece for the dessert station or buffet. With just the fountain and the fruits, there is not much more that is needed for your dessert table.

Vintage Dessert Station

The Vintage Dessert Bar

If you have space, you can get inventive by making a vintage display of your dessert. You may set the dessert on a vintage wagon and light up the place with lanterns and scented candlesticks to give your guests a vintage feel. Even when it’s an outdoor event! The dessert bar looks even better when set on a lush field and preferably under a tree. You can have different treats at the vintage bar as well as several flower centerpieces to add more color to your dessert table. Remember to protect your dessert from insects outdoors.

Cupcake Buffet

The Cupcake Dessert Station

Enable your guests to help themselves at the dessert display by providing them with something they can grab quickly like a cupcake. The cupcakes may be set on cheeseboards that are stacked in a staircase formation, or you can use a classic tiered cupcake holder. Have a variety of cupcake flavors and an array of colors for different tastes. Additionally, you could play around with light to give your attendees a romantic feel around the dessert station.

Doughnut Station

The Magnificent Doughnut Bar

The donut is a classic cake. Create a wonderful doughnut station by adding in different flavors and toppings on your donuts. You may arrange them on vintage plates and add some centerpieces to spice up your dessert table. You can also serve your guests with packed doughnuts as flavors to take home.

Exotic Fruit

Fruit Stations

Create a fruit paradise for your guests by adding a variety of both local and exotic fruits. Add as many different types of fruits as you can, so long as they are available and fit your event theme. You can present the fruits on self-sustaining fruit bowls made of fruit skins such as the watermelon. A great tip is to have chopsticks worked into the display so that it’s easier for your guests to grab and go.

There are many ideas that Event Planners in New York play with for a dessert station. Depending on the resources and target audience, this is a component of planning that will truly show your capacity as an event professional. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and speak to your client to see if your vision appeals to their taste. Literally. Impressing guests by tempting two of their senses, sight and taste, will leave them satisfied and eager to refer you.