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2017 Event Marketing Tactics That Will Ensure a Successful Event

Event Marketing

Your 2017 event will be a waste of time and resources if just a few of the target audience you planned for turn up to your event. Consequently, it is vital that you utilize as many ways as possible to get most of the calculated target audience to the event. After determining the target audience, where you can easily reach them and the content to be discussed at the event, you can use several of the following Event Marketing NYC tools and tactics to make your event a success.

 Determine what is to be included in the promotional message

  • Date and location

Do not waste resources on the announcements that the event is ‘coming soon’. Ensure that event information is actionable by including the date and time for the event.

  • Ordering of the tickets

If the attendees have to pay for the event, ensure that you guide them through the ticketing process. The tickets should be ready by the time you announce the event or designate a deadline to start selling at a particular time. You can also have a promotional pricing offer for the people who purchase their tickets ahead of time.

You may also include any travel and lodging information that is relevant to the attendees depending on their location.

Get immediate response by using the social media

You can use online tools like Hootsuite for scheduling posts and announcements on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Create engaging posts for your social media followers and ask them to confirm attendance. Use the mention tool (@) to respond to questions promptly. You can also build a buzz around the theme of the event by giving the audience a glimpse of what will be taking place at the event and use an event specific hashtag for easier sharing.

Use email marketing in event planning NYC

Email marketing is essential for most business events. You can use the strategy to develop different messages for a different audience. Always use email marketing as the very first mode of communication before social media and other forms of communication.

Websites and blogs

The website should be the place that the clients find all the information they require regarding the event. Therefore, all the other forms of online communication should point to the site. Provide the registration form, a preview of the event and other relevant information to the event. You can blog on several topics that would be discussed at the event to build up interest for the event.

After you are done with the event, collect photos, testimonials, and videos of the event to highlight what was happening later online. You can use the collected content as a promotional tool for future Event Marketing NYC efforts.