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Why is No One Showing Up to My Events?

Planning an event successfully and driving traffic to an event are two different skill sets for an event planner. Planning an event requires careful attention to detail while driving traffic to an event requires impeccable marketing and social skills.  Event Planner NY understands the difference between the two tasks and is aware of what it takes to use both skills to become a great event planner.

Here are some common mistakes for planners to avoid:

Working Alone

Top professional agencies and planners such as Event Planner NY understand the value of working with a great team. As one person cannot do all the tasks at hand, working with a team makes the process effortless, and it gives clients more value for their money.

Working with the wrong Event planner NY

Working with a party, you are unsure of can ruin your reputation. Therefore, it is essential to conduct an audit of your partners before commencing on the process. Google can be a great tool when researching potential event partners.

Doing the Most

Although innovation is critical for an Event Planner NY, doing the most can be detrimental to your event. It is essential to be cutting edge but not bleeding edge as too over the top innovations can be the downfall of an event.

Refusal to Market

Some event planners rely on the success of the brand thinking that it will pull in traffic. Significant events such as Comic Con still have to market their events despite their success rate.

Early Bird Registration

Although early bird registration can bring in numbers owing to discounts, it can also work negatively to draw in a big discount crowd and only a small percentage of attendees that are paying full price.

Competing Against Another Event Planner NY

It is essential to conduct your research adequately to find out if your event will be held concurrently with a larger event. Although it is inevitable, there are steps that one can take to increase attendee turnout despite the weight and pool of the more important event. Check on local major event sites to make sure your event date will not conflict with another major event(s).

Not Knowing Your Audience

When marketing an event, it is essential to know and understand your audience. Rather than casting a wide net for participants, you should start with a small crowd that will be easy to manage and market the event.

Lack of Preparation

Preparation is crucial to the success of any event, so it is essential to have all your affairs in order and a backup plan to cover all the bases in case things go wrong.

Scheduling Every Second

A full schedule that lacks downtime for the participants of the event is bound to fail. You must remember that attendees are still human and they need to enjoy the event without feeling like they are derailing the event’s schedule.