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Home Décor is Transitioning into Event Decor in a Major Way

Contemporary trends in home furnishings are already moving into the event design industry this year. These top trends include several up-to-the-minute designs, as well as organic and earthy environments.

Here are five easy ways that  New York City event planners can include the  top trends in home furnishings at your next event:

Minimalism is best when it comes to event décor

Minimalistic furnishings, especially those that are available in gray tones, do an excellent job of setting a neutral platform to build from. This serves as the ideal canvas for your earthy surroundings, and it can also work well for complex contemporary designs.  CORT’s range of Island Double Sofas and modular Hexagon Ottomans will create a clean and neutral mid-century contemporary design that will consequently add life to your environment, especially with the funky seating patterns.

Go green

Incorporating a touch of green into your space automatically creates the ambiance of an organic and earthy atmosphere. Within your set up area, New York City event planners can add practical options that define your space while incorporating the touch of green into it. CORT supplies a 4-foot boxwood hedge that is an ideal tool for dividing your space. Alternatively, if you wish to make the environment more tranquil for your guests, a faux bonsai tree can be used for the purpose. To up the ante, mixing the green with a full palette creates an unusual juxtaposition of energy, calmness and a touch of the great outdoors to your space.

Layer textures with colors

To highlight New York City event planners’ knowledge of the top trends in 2017, layering different elements of décor such as pillows, rugs and the perfect lighting accentuates the color and the texture of the space.  Most of the modern pieces of furniture such as accent and dining tables have a combination of art deco, urban industrialism, and modernism to supply you with sophisticated and eclectic pieces. For instance, CORT’s Hayworth and Alondra tables can achieve this look effortlessly.  The Marche Ottomans and swivel ottomans are available in 10 fashion colors that are also multifunctional, and add character to your event space.

Get modular

Combining design and functionality is essential. For instance, the Marche Ottomans available at CORT not only adds character to your environment, but the furnishings are functional because they provide a comfortable sitting area for attendees.

Include power options

In this contemporary society where everything is electronic, it is critical to include charging tables and furnishings that have charging units embedded in them to make your guests comfortable and connected at all times. For example, CORT’s white vinyl, full round banquette includes four ottoman centers and a center cone that has a charging unit and electrical as well as USB charging options for your guests.

Never discount the decor plan in any event you are managing. The scenery sets the tone for the rest of the event components. Plus, this is the fun part for New York City event planners! This is an area where your talent can truly shine!